Underground Productions

As a part of the University of Queensland’s drama society, Underground Productions has a rich history of producing exciting and innovative theatre while providing development opportunities for emerging dramatic artists. Since 2010, Underground has expanded its seasons at the Schonell Theatre and evolved to host brilliant works, both original and established, drawing audiences and performers from across Brisbane.

Anthony Neilson’s The Wonderful World of Dissocia will be Underground Productions first main-house show of the year. This incredible, full-length play expresses the roller-coaster ride of coping with mental illness in a whimsical and zany land resplendent with eccentric characters. The performance will be the first of many throughout 2014 and in March, Underground will be providing a week of free workshops for members at Visible Ink to learn creative skills. This week is to teach and improve skills, help people come out of their shell and make new friends within the company and have fun together doing things we love.

From traditional narratives to arts-fusion festivals, Underground Productions aims to provide a platform for artists of any discipline to produce exciting, high-quality theatre whilst still maintaining a strong sense of fun and community. If you’ve got an interest in writing, directing, performing, designing, building, promoting, laughing and of course, you have a passion for creativity – then Underground Productions is a place for you.

Underground have opportunities for people of all disciplines and experience levels, so be sure to follow the website  and Facebook page  to see how you can attend shows and get involved. If you have any other questions, just send an email to contactus@undergroundproductions.org.au.