Undefined Crew

Undefined are a Brisbane dance crew who love to dance, discover music and have fun. They believe dance is an expressive art form that furthers their exploration of music and their own personalities, “we love it!” Anita says, “our crew dynamic consists of both experienced and developing choreographers, so we’re just exploring different songs, textures, techniques, and styles” and are often inspired by music, other dancers and the amazing people surrounding them.

Currently working on a few choreography projects and videos, Anita says it’s worth keeping an eye out for their upcoming projects. To check out some of their videos, you can head to their youtube channel.

Having heard about Visible Ink’s excellent facilities via word of mouth, Undefined have been using the space regularly to further their dance skills and performance abilities as both individuals and as a cohesive dance crew. The crew also hang out in their down time, their hobbies enthusiastically includes sharing a good meal together – “our crew loves food. It’s a good thing we dance consistently!” Some of the Undefined Crew are also dabbing in editing and video work as well, that is a convenient and complementary hobby for the group.


From diverse backgrounds, fields of study and interests the common thread between all of the Undefined Crew is their enjoyment and love of music and dance. “Some of us study full-time, some of work full-time, some of us are in arts, martial arts, science, engineering, commerce, and some of us have already had some teaching experience in dance where others only really started less than a year ago.”

Anita gave the following advice for others wanting to get involved in dance or the arts, “Just get started! Get out there and get inspired. Stop waiting, and just do it. Some of us wish we started earlier, but never late than never.” She also says, it is just as important to explore your own style as to learn from others and that there are lots of ways to get involved in dance across Brisbane. There are heaps of dance studios in Brisbane, and information is often just a phone call, or click away. There are lots of styles and amazing teachers to suit everyone and all ages. In terms of a dance crew, it’s as easy as finding some friends who share the same passion as you, or join some dance events and/or clubs. There are opportunities in a lot of places, you just have to look around and see what suits you.

“If you’re reading down to here, thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Check us out on youtube channel, leave some feedback and comments, and maybe even subscribe if you want to follow us. We’re a developing crew so we’re always looking to improve and create future projects and just share our love and passion for dance with everyone.”

You can get in touch with Undefined via their youtube channel, leaving them a message there.