The Faultline Syndicate

Sitting down with Josie and Nicola it is easy to see how passionate they are about theatre and promoting creative arts. They first heard about Visible Ink from friends, and were really interested in a government initiative which focused on encouraging creative individuals, ‘after our first visit we were overwhelmed by the resources and facilities made available to us by the lovely staff’. Since then, The Faultline Syndicate have been rehearsing in the space regularly for their upcoming Anywhere Theatre Festival performance.


Alice’s Adventures Underground is a collaborative project with a brilliant ensemble, who create theatre through spontaneity and play.

 We love the process because of the intimacy found within live performance, the connection generated through the security within the rehearsal space, and the freedom of expression; it makes for a developmental process you don’t forget.  And then after all the tears and forgotten lines and creative blocks you reach an end goal. And that’s a pretty satisfying and exhilarating feeling.

To see the show, check out the Anywhere Theatre Festival website. Alice’s Adventures Underground will be performed at The Boundary Hotel from 14th – 17th May.

Josie also gave us this advice for young people looking to get involved in creative arts: get involved in anything and everything around you. Creative industries have so many nooks and hidden treasures you only find through experience and meeting people.  So get involved!

Faultline Syndicate

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