Sporadic Entertainment

Sporadic Entertainment was founded in the early months of 2013 by four strange individuals; a playwright, a producer, a photographer and a musician. The company is comprised entirely of young people, aiming to showcase the range of young talent available in Brisbane. Adrian Ferguson explained the reason the company was dedicated to maintaining members under 25 years of age was that Brisbane already has an amazingly talented community of young writers, directors, musicians and stunt people; the work they create is great and Sporadic Entertainment would like to provide a platform for young artists to be recognised.

After having their fair share of outdoor rehearsals or finding alternative venues such as a café, Sporadic Entertainment started rehearsing at Visible Ink, finding out about us through their local Councillor’s Ward Newsletter. Their direction and enthusiasm for performance led them to get some advice from Vis Ink staff and a referral to Youth Arts Queensland, who provided some grant support for projects in 2013.


Right now, Sporadic Entertainment is rehearsing for an upcoming Anywhere Theatre Festival show, Wumblebutt. During May, they’ll be hanging out at Roma Street Parklands, taking kids and the young-at-heart on a magical quest that can be described as Adventure Time meets Sponge Bob. Come along to see the outlandish comedic tale of a senile old wizard and his dragon, Anne as they embark on a magical, musical journey to find a missing pair of golden underpants.

For session times, tickets and more information, check out our event listing or visit Anywhere Theatre Festival.

For more details about Sporadic Entertainment, getting being involved or any other information regarding the Wumblebutt shows check out Sporadic Entertainment’s facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/SporadicEntertainment.

The guys at Sporadic Entertainment are also looking for some stall holders such as face painters or balloon artists to be a part of the Wumblebutt experience. If you’re interested, just send them a message via their facebook page.