Profile: Yarron Frauenfelder of Neu Creative

We caught up with 23 year old founder of Neu Creative, Yarron Frauenfelder, who works to create appealing designs and promo art in Brisbane.

Who are you? Give a complete stranger a brief snapshot into your world…

I’m a locally based Brisbane graphic designer, with projects in music, fashion & cultural industries.
I have started Neu Creative; a is graphic design platform that allows me to explore a double sided approach to design. The first allows me to work as a designer, creating company identities and print material for promotion and products. The second allows me to explore design on a more personal level, working on projects and ideas to develop a greater portfolio through creative passion.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment I am working with clients in the music industry. Projects Include a logo for a club & record label, as well as motion graphics for a festival in Los Angels.

When do you feel at your best and when you feel at your worst how do you get through it?

As any freelancer will know, there are always the slow and busy times. I find that when I am busiest… I am the most happy. Sometimes the slow times can get you down, but its all about soldering on and generating work for yourself, self promotion can sometimes be very difficult.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I would love to transform Neu Creative into a small studio, expanding and collecting a passionate team of people, and keep creating great work.

Why do you do what you do?

I love being creative for a living, Its great to work at something your passionate about – Fusing design and music really hits the spot for me.

How have you been able to do what you love?

Being active and persistent in learning the skills I need to get to where I am.
Networking in the right industries helps generate talk, and in turn bring jobs.
I think the key is to keep creating consistent good work so to keep your clients talking about you in a positive way.

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