Get to know KB Theory

KB Theory are a Brisbane-based indie band blending pop-rock to create catchy melodies and bursts of pop with fun lyrics that have become a part of their signature sound. Dylan Cattanach, songwriter and lead vocalist chatted with us about their upcoming projects, getting started, and influences.

Dylan met the band’s bassist, Campbell Harris, at Music Industry College, a school that is producing some of Australia’s best up and coming musicians. Both Dylan and Campbell got their musical grounding with the many influences happening around them. From there, drummer Andrew Barnes was introduced through mutual friends after working together on a local musical production, and on the look-out for a lead guitarist, Harry Verity joined KB Theory in late 2017.

“All the boys are just naturally gifted musicians who complement each other and we genuinely like hanging out together.”

KB Theory have a broad range of influences from The 1975, Last Dinosaurs and The Strokes, providing a beat to move to and a captivating, fun show to watch live. Their latest single, Hope describes how in life you don’t always feel in control, that you don’t fit. “You’re the support act, living in the background, when you really want to take that step forward and end up the star of your own life and write your own story.”

What is it about music that draws you in and where are KB Theory heading?
I love the ability to express yourself in a form that so many people can relate to. If I had the opportunity to make music my career full-time, I would jump at it.
At the moment we are writing new music and would like to start recording the demos soon. This music is taking a different direction and I’m excited to see how it turns out. There are some more elements of electronic pop coming up in this new crop of songs. We only have one gig left this year, but we’ll be starting up again next year and would like to do some gigs outside Brisbane too.

So how did you hear about Visible Ink?
KB Theory needed some posters printed for a gig. Up until this stage we’ve been printing and paying for them ourselves. Or just haven’t been having them as printing posters are too expensive. One of the guys in our band found out about Visible Ink and mentioned it to everyone. We made a phone call to find out how the space works and we’ve just sent off our first gig poster to be printed. We’re also heading to Little BIGSOUND, hosted by QMusic, after receiving tickets through Visible Ink’s Enterprise music and production programming.

Is there any advice you would give young people wanting to start a band? Or any advice you wish you’d been given beforehand?
The advice is the same no matter if you are in a band or a solo artist.  Network, go to gigs, support the local music scene. Check out the gig guides and go see someone you don’t know.

Keep up to date with KB Theory’s upcoming gigs in the new year on their Facebook page and follow their travels on Instagram.