Kaitlyn Rogers

Kaitlyn Rogers is a comedian, writer and scooter enthusiast. Born and raised in suburban Brisbane Kaitlyn grew up studying comedic icons like Jim Carey, Whoopi Goldberg and Kath and Kim. After graduating from Queensland University of Technology she made the bold trek to live in the United Kingdom. There, she made her West End and Edinburgh Fringe debut as an Australian dinosaur in, Dinosaur Zoo. As a puppeteer she enjoyed touring the UK and Denmark for two years before returning to Australia with a love and passion for comedy. Earlier this year Kaitlyn was a state finalist at the RAW Comedy Competition. She is currently filling Visible Ink with the sweet sounds of Beyoncé as she devises her first solo comedy show: Can I Get An Amen?!

Can I Get An Amen?! is a new comedy that will premiere at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Short and Sweet Festival in July. This is the second comedy show starring self proclaimed comedic prodigy Kaitlyn Rogers. Her debut show V.D. sold out at the 2015 Anywhere Festival. With one critic saying, “Kaitlyn Rogers delivers an engaging, energetic performance. Her exaggerated emotions and spontaneous dance moves deliver many laughs” (Meredith Waters, Anywhere Festival). It won awards in both Australia and London. Winner of the 5 Minute Festival London and Best Comedy, Best New Comer and People’s Choice Award at the Short and Sweet Festival.

Being a woman as comedy has its ups and downs. At times it seems like women in comedy have to do double the work to get half the credit. Kaitlyn says, “at any comedy gig there’s normally only one girl.” Which in a way is exciting! As a woman you immediately stick out, some audiences can be quite apprehensive and rough but who doesn’t love an underdog, am I right?

Pursuing a career in the arts presents many clear challenges. Some people say being an artist means a life of uncertainty and instability. That might be true to an extent however Kaitlyn says, “living a life lead by your passion is more enriching and rewarding than paying rent on time. You only live once, might as well enjoy it. Besides a mortgage isn’t going to follow you to the grave.” She continues to say, “I feel so grateful to have found something I feel so passionate about! I have clear goals and I’m ready to work my butt off to make my dreams come true.”

As a born and bred Queenslander Kaitlyn openly struggles with accents and sights Shannon Noll as one of her greatest influences. With the help of Visible Ink she plans to develop Can I Get An Amen?! into a full length show for the fringe festival circuit.

Kaitlyn Rogers Comedy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canigetanamen101/

Can I Get An Amen?! tickets: http://brisbanepowerhouse.org/events/2016/07/14/shortsweet-festival-2016/