Eloise Maree: Theatre-Maker, Conversation Artist.

Eloise Maree has had a big year, the Queensland State Representative for National Youth Week in 2012 also winning a grant to study overseas and producing some amazing theatre works set to happen from 10-19 May as part of The Anywhere Festival.

What do you do and why did you choose to go down that path?
I am a theatre-maker and conversation artist. I have chosen to work in the arts because I am:
1. Passionate
2. A lover of metaphor and rhetoric
3. Crazy

What are you working on currently?
‘The Alleyway Project’ – a show that is set in Winn Lane (behind The Zoo). I am working with a team of amazing artists – three fantastic playwrights to create site-specific scripts based on The Valley and an incredible director/designer/acting team that are bringing it to life for the Anywhere Theatre Festival. We’ll have free goon and vomit fights. I’m excited!

How do you think Visible Ink helps young people to work on projects like yours, and what have you used the space for before?
Visible Ink is AWESOME. Coming from Melbourne, where you have to kill, search and destroy in order to find an [expensive] rehearsal space, a free rehearsal space is such a godsend! Also the free printing, photocopying, phones and internet make me feel like I have a Real Job.

What’s your favourite downtime activity/ hobby?
Oh, definitely playing classical piano. Sooo soothing.

Can you go into a little more detail about playing the piano? How long have you played? Why classical style in particular and why do you find it soothing?

I have played piano ever since I was a wee lass in Mt Isa. I had an old, rickety piano teacher named Mrs. Banks and she taught me a love for the smell of old piano music and classical. My two favourite classical composers are Bach and Mozart. Mozart is particularly soothing – if you don’t know about The Mozart Effect, you should look it up! Mozart’s music has been heralded for reducing stress, relieving illness and increasing mental activity. It’s awesome stuff.

So far for 2012 you’ve been Queensland State Youth Representative for National Youth Week, and have landed a grant for funds to travel overseas, can you tell us about that? Has it been a whirlwind or have you taken it all in your stride?
I would definately go with the whirlwind option. But as I’m learning, juggling many things at once and having multiple projects in one year is a part of working in theatre. I’ll also be touring a show made entirely from writing off toilet walls to Crack Theatre Festival in Newcastle and maybe Cairns as well and there’s been talk of touring a different show to Melbourne. In June, I’m off to Indonesia to meet and discuss social, community and touring art with Indonesian artists. I’m definately the most excited about this amazing opportunity!

Do you have a copy of your CityNews cover story you could share/ an anecdote about the experience of being on a magazine cover?

Well, it was all the doing of my marketer, Athalia Foo who set up the interview with director, Kat Henry and the shoot with three of our actors. I was not allowed to be in the interview or shoot because I had been in the previous week’s CityNews for National Youth Week! I was so excited when I saw we made the front page, it was totally unexpected. I keep seeing people walking around reading the CityNews and feel like running up to them and yelling “That’s my show! That’s my baby!! Come see it!!!”

Do you have any tips to share with young people? A motivational quote perhaps?

Some of the best advice I’ve ever had is “create the job you want”. It doesn’t have to pre-exist. Also, life naturally has its highs and lows. It’s difficult to see a way out when you’re in a low, but before you know it, you’ll be rising to the surface again. Just go with the flow and keep a clear heart.

Any inspirational things to say to other young people reading this?
You are already awesome. Keep digging, showing, pleasing: if not for yourself, then for everyone around you!

Where can people find out more about you or get in touch with you?
For the alleyway project, they can check out the blog: http://alleywayproject.blogspot.com.au/ (and come along to the show!). You can also see the Cradle Productions website which has info on my past shows: http://cradleproductions.yolasite.com/ or just email me @ cradleproductions@live.com.au

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