Cinderella Renegade Productions

How did you hear about Visible Ink?photo.php_
We heard about Visible Ink after hours of Googling looking for rehearsal and performance space. We’ve been using the space since May 2013, and in January 2014 we performed our first show Can You See Us Now in East Brisbane’s SYC studios.

What are you all currently working on project-wise?
We are currently working on a Steampunk stage show for late July/early August.

What do you do, why did you choose to go down that path, and what do you love about it?
Cinderella Renegade was born from two acting students realising that despite what everyone said, that they had the potential to create shows that people would really enjoy. Jay is a writer and an aspiring director and novelist. Sharmanee is a dancer and singer who aspires to be a great actress. We were joined soon after by Sam, a saxophonist, singer and aspiring actress, and Mitchell, a nurse, and Joseph, a writer and lighting designer. The show faced many bumps in the road and countless rewrites before finally unveiling a cabaret show called “Can You See Us NOW?”. We are all creatively motivated and we love seeing each other succeed. It gives all of us a huge rush to see something we’ve worked on so hard become a reality.

What do you guys get up to in your down time?
Cinderella Renegade tends to spend a lot of time as robots. We also like cake, Tumblr, biscuits and gravy, drag queens and Crystal Pepsi.

Is there any advice you would give young people wanting to get involved in theatre or any advice you wish you’d been given beforehand?
Give it all you’ve got and never apologise for what makes you happy.

How would you suggest young people get involved with theatre in Brisbane or Cinderella Renegade?
Like theatre companies on Facebook, audition for shows like Short and Sweet etc. Even send us an email at, we’ll be happy to meet up for coffee and head you in the right direction. Maybe you’ll even work with us!

Where can people get in touch with you?
They can email us at or like our Facebook page CR Productions. :)