Alisa Newey

alisa newey

Alisa Newey is a Brisbane designer with the philosophy, “making sustainability beautiful”.

Her work combines reclaimed materials and unique sculptural forms. Alisa is a new face in furniture design, having started out in Architecture before completing her Masters in Visual Arts/ Design at The Griffith University Queensland College of Arts in July 2012.

Alisa has worked on projects in Architectural Design, Fashion, Furniture and Exhibition Design. She has a passion for creating and enjoys a ‘hands on’ approach to design which involves sketching, constructing small models and scale prototypes right through to manufacturing finished prototypes. Alisa works in the workshop one day each week with a local designer/ maker to experiment with materials and prototype new products.

Emerge Home

Emerge is Alisa’s first large scale furniture piece, and is currently receiving a lot of attention in design circles throughout Australia.

Emerge is Alisa’s first large scale furniture piece and was displayed as finalist in The EDGE Design Competition at The Australian International Furniture Fair. Alisa is currently prototyping a “little sister” to the Emerge stand which will be, “a solution for hanging the clothes which clutter up the back of our desk chair”.

Get in Touch With Alisa:

Studio: Old Made Creative
Phone: 0415199466

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