A Pot of Tea, Under a Tree

 Sustainable Fashion, Clothing Exchange, Workshops

 Louise Falzon, director of A Pot of Tea, Under a Tree, is passionate about sustainable fashion and wants to share her
 knowledge through the Under a Tree Clothing Exchange and school-based workshops that help young people develop a sense of expression through fashion.

A Pot of Tea, Under a Tree is a sustainable fashion label that maintains accessibility for young people to interact and become more aware of minimising the impact of the fashion industry on the planet.

Under a Tree: Clothing Exchange is a quarterly clothes swap event where young women can come along and listen to young performers, drink tea and swap clothes for a cause. A Pot of Tea, Under a Tree chooses to support Project Futures: End Sex Trafficking as a positive way to take steps towards strengthening women’s environments throughout the world. The first Under a Tree: Clothing Exchange was held in March and was a lovely success, with Pot of Tea, Under a Tree able to raise the enough funds to free four young Cambodian girls from brothels.

A Pot of Tea, Under a Tree also offers school-based workshops on how to maintain sustainable fashion. These workshops are interactive as well as informative, providing high school students an opportunity to explore their identity through fashion as well as providing them with tools to create their own sustainable wardrobe.

“Before Louise came to speak at our school, I had absolutely no idea about what was going on in the world regarding the impact simply buying clothes has on the environment. She is an amazing person and I think she needs to go around to a lot more schools because I want people to experience what we did today. It was the most incredible lesson I’ve had in all high school and I want to thank her so much for everything.” K.M from Runcorn State

A Pot of Tea, Under a Tree
Louise Falzon

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