Library Support Call-Out

Copy and Destroy will be revamping as 2018 comes into full swing, with fresh look at how volunteers can help with the collective, and ways we can reward those who put in the extra effort
to keep Brisbane’s zine scene alive.

However, we know here that trying to get zine makers together can be a bit like herding cats, so we are offering individualised considerations for times people would be able to help and options of group work versus individual quiet work. Can only make it in during certain times that may not be during meetings or usual Library opening hours? We can arrange other time for you to contribute.

For those who are able to give their energies to the library further, they shall be rewarded with:

  • Extra printing privileges at Visible Ink (including extra sticker paper, colour printing, and coloured papers)
  • Food and drink while they put in those efforts
  • Resume referrals regarding work done
  • Exposure for their content creation works on the C+D Blog and Instagram
  • Invitation and priority for free Visible Ink workshops in 2018

The jobs that need to be done range from library administration to content creation. These include:

  • Categorising and inputing zines into the database
  • Cleaning and sorting Library display boxes
  • Cleaning and sorting zine making materials
  • Contributing feedback, ideas, and plan making regarding the Library
  • Developing a series of Instagram posts for promotion
  • Helping with Facebook posts
  • Writing zine reviews
  • Writing blog posts regarding the zine scene, personal stories regarding zine making, or other
    such stuff

If you’re interesting in joining in, or getting back on the Copy and Destroy train, email us at or DM us on the Copy and Destroy Instagram account.