Brisbane Feminist Festival

Visible Ink tenants and all-round inspiring crew of advocates at the One Woman Project are excited to be bringing back to Brisbane another instalment of the Brisbane Feminist Festival.

Last July, the One Woman Project (OWP) hosted Brisbane’s Finest Feminists conference which sold out two months prior to the conference date. Participant enjoyed seminars and panel discussions on The Future of Feminism in Australia, Men in Feminism and Eco-Feminism, to mention a few. The focus for all of the feminist work the OWP does is inclusive intersectional feminism – to represent diversity of gender, class, race and ability in all discussions.

Given the success of past conference, the OWP are confident that this festival will be even bigger, better, more engaging and thought provoking. This festival aims to put Brisbane on the map as the progressive feminist capital of the Southern Hemisphere. It’s going to feature cutting edge artists, politicians, advocates and activists with controversial ideas to challenge participants.

The Brisbane Feminist Festival is a unique opportunity to engage with an amazing line up of guests, covering a diverse range of backgrounds and topics. The full program has been announced over at the One Woman Project website, where you can also find out more about the incredible work that this youth-led organisation has been conducting.

Bring your voice to the discussion!