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Dylan Cattanach talks music and songwriting

With a passion for unpacking songwriting to be more than just structure and chord progression, Dylan Cattanach hopes to produce emotion and connection when creating new music.

I’ve grown up with music. My father is in a couple of cover bands with some other friends and my uncle is a muso. Either I’ve been hearing it live or on the radio my whole life. I just love music and the beat. I’m always sitting there tapping out a beat – annoying my family and friends – or picking out a new melody on the guitar or keyboard. My uncle has made a living from his music and I’ve always admired him. As soon as I realised I was comfortable bringing my songs and music to live audiences I’ve thrived on the buzz of entertaining.

“I had the opportunity to support Pete Murray for a couple of his shows outside Brisbane this year. It was a great experience to see professional musicians at work. It’s encouraged me to put in the hard work so that one day I may have that number of people coming to my gigs.”

Sometimes accompanied by someone on cajon and stompbox, Dylan has recently begun playing solo acoustic gigs. “The acoustic style really suits my voice and I’m happy with the positive feedback I’m receiving.” He explains that music offers a unique space for expression; it’s the drawcard for him.  “I love the ability to express yourself in a form that so many people can relate to. If I had the opportunity to make music my career full-time, I would jump at it.”

So what’s Visible Ink got to do with this? “Visible Ink are providing me with lots of advice, which is really important because starting off you know nothing. Helpful tips on biographies are especially important, as it’s hard to write things about yourself, pick the important things to say and make it interesting.  They have other services that I’ll be using very shortly, namely making badges, printing stickers and printing posters. Every little bit helps to get your name out there.”

What do you get up to in your down time? Do you have any hobbies? “Music is my down time. I’m constantly looking at ways I can improve current songs or writing riffs for the next song. I wish I’d learnt the saxophone when I was at school, but it’s never too late to learn anything, so I’ll keep you updated if I do that!”

Is there any advice you would give young people wanting to start performing? Or any advice you wish you’d been given beforehand? “The advice I’d been given was network, network, network. Initially it didn’t make any sense to me, but now I see how important that piece of advice was.  But also, go see other bands and support them. Go to as many live local gigs as you can and support the Brisbane music scene.  We all need to help each other.
You just have to get out there and play. Once you’ve done it a couple of times it becomes so much easier to work out what to do next. Organisations like QMusic are a good source of information, and they run Industry Connect courses providing lots of help along the way.”

If you’re keen to have a listen or learn more about what Dylan is up to check out his facebook, instagram, soundcloud or youtube channel.

Tara Lawrence: co-founder Elsewhere Theatre Company

“I love what I do and it makes me so happy to see my actors striving for their best while enjoying the full process.”

Co-founder and instructor for Elsewhere Theatre Company, Tara runs the Brisbane program (they are also running out of Melbourne), which on a day-to-day level involves directing productions as well as running all of the administration work.

So how did Elsewhere get started? “A close friend of mine and myself started the company in mid-July of 2017 and from then on we have loved the work this company has brought us. We are both working actors and found we wanted to create our own opportunities, as well as provide like-minded young actors the chance to create and perform work they are passionate about.”

“I’ve always been trained as an actor, even throughout high school and when I was studying at University.  I have a love for performance which is what I feel has led me into the work I am doing today. There is something about live theatre that no other experience can replace which is what I find really special about the art form.”

What are you currently working on project-wise? “I am currently directing a production with Elsewhere that will be performed in mid-February. We are performing Michael Gow’s ‘Away’ and currently we are in our final rehearsal stages just perfecting things before we present the finished production!”

“I don’t really have any down time to be honest.” So what time does that leave for hobbies? “In my spare time I’m either reading new scripts or working on scripts I already have… I wouldn’t change it though, I love constantly having work to do that I love.”

Tara and her business partner Ali heard about Visible Ink in 2017 and have been regulars since then. “I thought it was too good to be true! After looking through the space, I found it to be a very warm and welcoming environment, which is perfect for us.” And what about other opportunities? Is it easy to get involved in theatre, especially in Brisbane? “Look around your local artist’s hub, or if you want to get involved in theatre I’d suggest taking a look at your local theatres and just having a chat with different artists. It’s great to chat and often you’ll find people are quite open to having a friendly chat.”

“Just go for it. There’s nothing better than finding work in what you love and if you truly want success you need to put in the effort.”

You can find out more about Elsewhere Theatre Company, their productions and workshops via their website, facebook, Instagram or you can email them directly at

Are you an emerging activist?

Active Citizenship: Free workshops suitable for anyone with a passion to drive change

Saturday 23 March, 2:30pm-5:30pm | Saturday 4 May, 12:30pm-3:30pm
Where: Visible Ink Youth Hub, 5 Green Square Close, fortitude Valley
Cost: Free
Ages: 12-25 years
Bookings: Email to confirm your place

Join us for an interactive and immersive workshop to build your skills in planning, designing and producing activist campaigns and events. This workshop will briefly explore successful activist campaigns across the globe, and go through the makings of successful campaigns and events, before putting this in the context of social movement building. You will also have the opportunity to build your own campaign/event within the workshop.

This workshop is facilitated by The One Woman Project. They are one of Australia’s fastest-growing, youth-led, not-for-profit organisations dedicated to providing quality education about and advocacy promoting global gender equality. We believe that the first step to gender equality is providing our young people with the education, skills and power to tackle it in their local, national and international communities.

You can find more information by emailing or chatting to Vis Ink staff.

Get to know KB Theory

KB Theory are a Brisbane-based indie band blending pop-rock to create catchy melodies and bursts of pop with fun lyrics that have become a part of their signature sound. Dylan Cattanach, songwriter and lead vocalist chatted with us about their upcoming projects, getting started, and influences.

Dylan met the band’s bassist, Campbell Harris, at Music Industry College, a school that is producing some of Australia’s best up and coming musicians. Both Dylan and Campbell got their musical grounding with the many influences happening around them. From there, drummer Andrew Barnes was introduced through mutual friends after working together on a local musical production, and on the look-out for a lead guitarist, Harry Verity joined KB Theory in late 2017.

“All the boys are just naturally gifted musicians who complement each other and we genuinely like hanging out together.”

KB Theory have a broad range of influences from The 1975, Last Dinosaurs and The Strokes, providing a beat to move to and a captivating, fun show to watch live. Their latest single, Hope describes how in life you don’t always feel in control, that you don’t fit. “You’re the support act, living in the background, when you really want to take that step forward and end up the star of your own life and write your own story.”

What is it about music that draws you in and where are KB Theory heading?
I love the ability to express yourself in a form that so many people can relate to. If I had the opportunity to make music my career full-time, I would jump at it.
At the moment we are writing new music and would like to start recording the demos soon. This music is taking a different direction and I’m excited to see how it turns out. There are some more elements of electronic pop coming up in this new crop of songs. We only have one gig left this year, but we’ll be starting up again next year and would like to do some gigs outside Brisbane too.

So how did you hear about Visible Ink?
KB Theory needed some posters printed for a gig. Up until this stage we’ve been printing and paying for them ourselves. Or just haven’t been having them as printing posters are too expensive. One of the guys in our band found out about Visible Ink and mentioned it to everyone. We made a phone call to find out how the space works and we’ve just sent off our first gig poster to be printed. We’re also heading to Little BIGSOUND, hosted by QMusic, after receiving tickets through Visible Ink’s Enterprise music and production programming.

Is there any advice you would give young people wanting to start a band? Or any advice you wish you’d been given beforehand?
The advice is the same no matter if you are in a band or a solo artist.  Network, go to gigs, support the local music scene. Check out the gig guides and go see someone you don’t know.

Keep up to date with KB Theory’s upcoming gigs in the new year on their Facebook page and follow their travels on Instagram.

Girls Going Places – Young Entrepreneurs Panel

Girls Going Places is a female entrepreneurial panel night where three successful and creative female business owners will share and discuss their skills and experience in an entertaining and relaxed environment.

  • Georgia Press, owner of Barnu By Georgia is a 17 year old jewellery maker still completing high school,
  • Amanda Campeanu is an Instagram strategist who quit the corporate world to begin her own business venture Plush Content Co, and
  • Candice Darryl, an event and digital marketer for Venzin group who also has a side business, Vay Stay, selling fully recycled coffee scrubs.

Through an engaging panel discussion, question and answer segment, product displays and a lot of laughs this event will combine entertaining conversation, discussion and the ability for young women to network and learn from three engaging female panelists.

When: Tuesday 16 October 2018, 6pm-8pm
Where: Pawpaw Cafe, 898 Stanley Street East, Woolloongabba, Qld 4102
Cost: Free, RSVP via Eventbrite

If you RSVP to this event you are agreeing to the terms and condition including filming of the event and image taking. Please advise us directly if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed.

You can find out more about Girls Going Places on Facebook.

Creative Media Workshops this September

Visible Ink Enterprise is opening up the world of creative media this school holidays with five hands-on workshops hosted by Hot Chicks with Big Brains. Sign up today and develop some new skills in copywriting, design and pitching your ideas.


So, you think you can’t write?
You don’t have to be a grammar-nazi or a writer by trade to string words together that work. We’re going to show you the value of good copywriting, delve into the thinking that’s typically behind good copy, and show you that – with the right attitude – anybody is capable of copywriting.

Saturday 29 September, 10am-12pm or Sunday 30 September, 4pm-6pm


What is design, if you’re not a designer?
A broad and overwhelming topic, that’s what! If you’d like a little help putting your floaties on and dipping your toes into the ‘design’ pool for the very first time, look no further. We’ll take you through what ‘design’ means to different people and in different industries, what it looks like in theory and in practice, communicating and rationalising, and the difference between having design as a skill and taking it up as a career.

Saturday 29 September, 4pm-6pm or Sunday 30 September, 10am-12pm


Are you as fresh as the Prince of Bel-Air (to pitching)? Let’s change that.
Pitching an idea is a skill that almost everyone will use in their lifetime, whether it’s in front of a huge audience at an event, or just to your boss at work. We take fundamental approaches to pitching and building business relationships from industry leaders and funnel them down to the very basics for you, because starting at square one doesn’t mean that you can’t still learn from the best!

Wednesday 3 October, 6pm-8pm

All of these workshops are free and are suitable for young people 12-25 years of age. We have limited places at each session, so please email with any enquiries and to confirm you place. They will be held at Visible Ink, 5 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley.

Visible Ink takeover The POD: Ben Frost

Located on the Brunswick Street Mall emerging artists will activate The POD with Visible Ink support on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July during the winter school holidays. Showcasing the best of Brisbane’s young musicians and performers this is a free event. We’d like you to meet some of the awesome talent gracing the stage and let them tell you about who they are and where they’re going.

Ben Frost is a Brisbane-based musician you’ve probably seen around the tracks, known for his chill approach to people and music. We asked him a few quick questions recently –

Q | What are you working on project-wise?
Currently, I am working on getting an album of songs I’ve written out into the world. I’m hoping to inspire people with my work, make them feel something positive through my music. I wanted to share how I see things with the world. I write songs and perform them. I love it because it’s a release from the struggles of life and a way to have a good time.

Q | How did you first get involved with Visible Ink?
I heard about Visible Ink through one of my colleagues. I like to drop in to Vis Ink because it’s a nice place to practice my music and interact with like-minded people.

Q | How have you got to where you are today?
I’m not really sure what led me to where I am today, but I know that I have a passion for music and a creative spirit and it’s those things that allure me to Visible Ink.

Q | What about opportunities? Have any advice?
For people just getting started in music, I would say keep going, don’t give up. If you get an opportunity to express who you are, and live the life you love, go for it.

In his spare time Ben likes to watch a good movie or learn about something new and different. You can catch him on Facebook or at around Brisbane’s live venues.

For the full lineup of performers at Visible Ink takeover The POD please check our Feed closer to the date.

As a part of Visible Ink takeover The POD, all performers are encourage to get involved with Visible Ink’s Enterprise program for professional development including supported opportunities to attend events such as Q Music’s Industry Connect or Little Bigsound, and participate in The QUBE Effect.

If you’re interested in finding out more about other artist that are a part of Visible Ink takeover The POD check out our Profiles page. For more information about music and production, Enterprise or Visible Ink please email or call (07) 3403 0136.

Visible Ink takeover the Pod this July

Visible Ink will once again takeover The Pod this winter holidays with two days of free entertainment. Located on the Brunswick Street Mall, emerging artists will activate The Pod Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July, showcasing the best of Brisbane’s young musicians and performers. Line-up to be announced soon!

Announcing our new Developing Artist in Residence!

Each year Visible Ink offer opportunities for young and emerging artists to have space, resources and mentoring to develop their practice. The Developing Artist in Residence (DAIR) works closely with VI staff to curate exhibitions, facilitate workshops for other young people and produce their own works, showcasing them at various venues across Brisbane.

With that in mind, we’d love to introduce you to Skyler Castillo: artist, dabbler, and Visible Ink’s DAIR for 2018. Check out her interview on our Profiles page.

Emerging Visual Artists: Sam Bradley

As a part of Visible Ink’s Enterprise program, we support young and emerging visual artists to scale their work to suit large sites and submit an Expression of Interest. This year five young artists worked with Jugglers and Brightsiders to submit their EOI to Brisbane Canvas. They were successful in their designs being incorporated over two sites during the Brisbane Street Art Festival.

We’d like to introduce you to the artists that have turned out some amazing designs during this program, including Sam Bradley, who uses traditional signwriting techniques to create custom calligraphy and lettering.

You first got involved with Visible Ink through the Visible Ink Emerging Visual Artists (EVA) program, what was that like?

I really enjoyed the opportunity of working with The Brightsiders team (Jordan & Jordy) and Emily of Frank and Mimi fame. They were all extremely welcoming and made the whole project an important and valuable learning experience. The time spent spraying and brushing up the Jugglers driveway poured metho on my creative fire and painted my greymatter full colour.  It’s been surreal seeing these professionals work and teach up close, the techniques, tricks and attitude they taught will always be remembered.

I’d also like to thank everyone at Visible Ink and Jugglers Art Space (shoutout to Pete) for giving us a place to scribble and learn. And of course, a big thanks to Imogene Peach and Ashley Peel for their contributions and motivation in bringing our mural to life!

What are you currently working on, project-wise?

Currently I’m putting together a series of T-shirt screenprint designs for Velvet Couch Clothing, an Aussie streetwear company run by Gerard Ahrens who supports all kinds of creative talent worldwide.

What do you do and why did you choose to go down this path? 

I like to make original hand lettering focused design work combining traditional media with graphics programs. I also enjoy hand painted signwriting. There’s something about handmade letters that add a humanity to the work, no font licenses, the possibilities are endless and hopefully it can’t become obsolete when the robot overlords take over, ha ha!

What would you say led you to where you are today? 

I’ve enjoyed drawing and graphic design most of my life but didn’t get completely immersed until I saw a signwriter gold-gilding a sign at the pub next to a pizza shop I worked at. Now I’m just trying to get as skilled as possible, and make as many (arguably) beautiful things as possible until my inevitable demise. There’s so many talented artists painting walls in Brisbane and obviously on Instagram, that quality inspiration is everywhere you look.

Is there any advice you wish you’d been given before you started in this field? 

Just start drawing. I think a lot of people (myself included) are scared of being bad at something but the great people you see now just pushed through the self doubt of it. I’d recommend buying a ream of A4 paper, as many kinds of pens as you can and copy your favourite art styles as a reference. By the 500th sheet of paper you’ll probably have some good stuff. Also make sure you’re actually enjoying it and taking chances which will reflect in the work.

The best advice I’ve been given is to just keep working consistently and don’t compare yourself to others too much. Everyone has a unique style and once you harness that it’s a secret weapon – no one can do better.

What do you get up to in your down time? 

I love skating, cooking, stand up comedy, hanging out, mashing around town on a bicycle listening to heavy hip hop and learning old school signwriting techniques.

How would you suggest young people get involved in similar opportunities such as EVA?

Keep an eye out online by following your favourite artists locally and abroad, go to events in your city and visit Jugglers Art Space on a Saturday for a paint sesh.

Where can people get in touch with you?

I mostly post work at or, check it out y’all. Or if you want to meet Sam in person come along Sunday 15 April, 10am-4pm at Toombul Skatepark – 46 Parkland Street, Nundah – as a part of Brisbane Street Art Festival and funded by Brisbane Canvas to see his work.