If you’ve got something to say or show, chances are you’ll need a way to get the word out. Visible Ink has facilities for limited run printing in colour and black & white.

Visible Ink is here to support young people to get their projects up, so if you’re publicising an event with posters or pamphlets, publishing a small press zine or putting a design onto a badge for your bands merch table, we can help get the ideas onto paper.



We’re obviously not running a print shop, so limitations apply but we give you the opportunity to experiment with your design and get print-ready to take to commercial printer.

All printing can be done from our computers and printing services at the space during our opening hours to print: 50x A4 or 25x A3 Colour, 100x A4 or 50x A3 Black and White sheets.

For special requests or large scale projects have a chat with our team about how we might be able to accommodate you in person.