Covid19: Here are some links to information that may help you during this time

Funding for Creatives

Check out these QLD Govt. grants to drive new creative work, employ artists and arts workers and and support the industry through the activation of local venues and creative spaces, and unique outdoor experiences.  Let us know if we can help with your application!

$22.5 million Arts and Culture Recovery Package


Coping with stress related to covid-19


Access to FREE phone data:

Mobile phone and data providers will be providing free data to their users until the end of April. We encourage you to check with your phone provider if they will be doing that. Some of those companies are: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Check link below to find out more:


Red Cross Night Café

  1. Night Café Online Facebook page – this is the face of Night Café and a place where we can share what we are all about and our amazing community connection to support young people on their journeys.


  1. Night Café Online Facebook private group is intended to be much like the physical Night Café space. This group aims to provide a safe space for young people to have effective pathways to gain knowledge and skills, access resources and services, and improve social connection and participation. Here is the link for the group:


Brisbane Youth Service (BYS)

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) supports young people and young families aged 12-25yrs.

The service operates Mon – Fri 9-5 pm. If you need help call BYS on 3620 2400.


Emergency Relief

If you find yourself needing emergency relief (food or other essential items), the following links/places con provide support to you or provide you information about where to go:


What to do at home during social distancing?

There’s lots of groups and activities that can be done through social media platforms. Some of those are:

  • Hold competitions with your friends (cooking, mind games such trivia, dancing, drawing, etc.)
  • Watch movies/shows together
  • Start a book club
  • Take an online class together (yoga, meditation, art)
  • Try making these recipes that are healthy, cheap and easy to make

Chickpea Curry Fridge-dive pasta Fried rice Tuna patties

Social distancing may feel really daunting, and you may not be sure about how else to connect with your friends, but giving a try at some of the options above will be a very good opportunity to remain in contact with others while keeping safe and healthy!


Check out these free online workshops from Generation You to help develop your career


Try this Hip Hop Dance Class with Mariah