Enterprise Stories

Timothy Harm

Timothy Harm is a Sāmoan-Chinese multidisciplinary creative navigating on Yuggera and Turrbal land. Since 2017, Timothy has worked as a creative producer for Conscious Mic a collective of First Nations, Pasifika and culturally and linguistically diverse artists and creatives. Timothy is also a grassroots community organiser, focused on amplifying the voices and stories of Indigenous and Pacific Islander people on the frontlines of climate change.

Prior to his current work, Timothy was a co-founding member of The University of Queensland South Pacific Islander Association (UQSPIA), a freelance graphic designer and a community radio co-host for Pacific Islander youth program- Fresh Crew Radio 4EB 98.1FM. He attended The Queensland Academy for Creative Industries specialising in Design Art and holds a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in Advertising from The University of Queensland. Timothy’s work is grounded in challenging and reclaiming narratives whilst finding innovative ways to question and reinvent creative practices. He continues to create, hold and share space for and with people in his community.

 Osanna Faataape

Osanna Faataape is a twenty-something, South Auckland-born, Brisbane-raised, Samoan woman. She is currently in her final semester of a Double Bachelors of Law and Business (Human Resource Management Major) at the Queensland University of Technology. At the start of 2020, Osanna joined the creative team at Conscious Mic – a collective of Pasifika, First Nations and culturally and linguistically diverse artists and creatives – and continues to pursue different creative outlets while she’s studying – whether that be through photography, music, film, writing or spoken word.

Most of Osanna’s past work and volunteer experience has in some way involved helping people – whether that be assisting tax payers with lodging their returns, giving high school students insight into potential career paths, mentoring Pasifika youth and even travelling to the UK to develop and coordinate youth programs across low-socio economic areas using the creative arts and Pasifika culture. Osanna currently works for Caxton Legal Centre, a community legal service that assists people who would otherwise be denied access to justice due to social or economic disadvantage to exercise their legal rights. She is most passionate about serving her community and using her position and skills to give a voice to those on the fringes.



Past Entrepreneurs

Donny Fraser – Skater, Co-Founder, Youth Ambassador
Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative: a skateboarding group with a focus on development and opportunity for young skaters and their communities.



Bri is a writer, and the Founding Editor and Manager of Hot Chicks with Big Brains (HCwBB). “I started HCwBB back in 2014 as a rather niche, online-only, feminist interview series. I would go interview and photograph successful women, and my best friend Anna would turn the content into beautiful readable PDFs.”

Since then, the HCwBB entity has expanded its focus. “We launched the first copy of our print magazine in 2016, and now we’ve grown into a more flexible, inclusive online and IRL community of feminists. We have a podcast, blog, and lots of events”. These ventures have been met with growing interest – “Each print run of the magazine increases a little, and each time we sell out faster than previously. We have a new partnership with Metro Arts for our movie nights too!”

Bri and Anna have been friends since primary school, and now run the business together. Anna is the Art Director and Assistant Manager, and their roles frequently overlap and intersect. Bri’s own writing career is progressing quickly, as her first book will be published next year and she is a regular at writer’s festivals. Bri credits the motivation behind this creativity to being inspired by others. “I interview successful women all the time and every one of them I meet motivates and inspires me in different ways. I’m lucky to have my work also be the thing that inspires me to do more work”.

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Sarah Moran – Tech Geek, Co-Founder and CEO, Youth Ambassador
Girl Geek Academy: creating a lifelong community of women who love to learn tech, teaching women to launch their own tech start-ups.

Lincoln Savage – Event Producer, Founder, Youth Ambassador
Vast Yonder: producing arts and music events across Brisbane such as Junglelove, Scribble Slam and Brisbane Street Art Festival.