Developing Artist In Residence

Developing Artist-in-Residence  

The Developing Artist-in-Residence (DAIR) program offers a year-long opportunity for young and emerging Brisbane artists by supporting their skill development and knowledge of visual arts. Based in Visible Ink’s Youth Hub in the Fortitude Valley, the residency gives an artist a chance to practice in a creative, shared co-working environment, with access to multiple resources and materials, at no cost.

The program also suits people who wish to test new ideas in a peer-to-peer environment and connect with others through their work.

The residency may culminate in a new site-specific installation at Visible Ink, an exhibition, workshops, and a personal workspace.

Skyler Castillo has been visiting the Youth Hub since 2016. Skyler’s ability to access the extensive range of resources and meet like-minded people has proven to be invaluable to her skill development.

Skyler has been creating her unique illustrations, photography, murals and practicing 3D printing on site. Skyler’s work and colour palette have been influenced by alternative music and early 2000’s band merch. She also loves to incorporate monsters into her work.

“I find myself gravitating towards online tutorials and those artists who conduct them. I love Bob Ross and BROM as painting influencers. Photographers like Ryan McGinley and Peter McKinnon help give direction to my photographic style,” Skyler said.

Skyler loves to work in the shared space with other creatives. She joined the developing artist-in- residence program in 2018 During her residency, Skyler has been able to run 3D printing workshops and facilitated a workshop with other Visible Ink users to help her develop the concept for her mural.

“We changed the design a few times but this one was the group favourite. We wanted it to reflect nature and bring the outdoors inside with bright colours and a splash of fantasy or imagination because Visible Ink and its users are everything creative! It will be a great backdrop for photos,” Skyler said.

The road represents the personal journey and a sense of adventure for the emerging creative community in Brisbane. The young woman at the front has a backpack with a paint palette and brushes showing that they are an artist and have paved their way with creative thinking. She also wears glasses, a jumper, some pins, a pink-coloured hair. Her smile shows that she is confident in herself and where she’s headed.

Skyler’s mural installed at the Youth Hub

Skyler, proudly standing in front of the installed mural


During her residency, Skyler has been:

  • exploring the gardens for different resources to create a new body of work
  • in the space, experimenting, documenting, creating and reflecting her body of works
  • running workshops for visitors to the Youth Hub.


About the program

The residency is designed for artists interested in:

  • supporting the development of creative practice in Brisbane
  • exploring the emerging world through composition, subject or promotion.

This residency provides artists with opportunities to:

  • present their work in a professional context to diverse audiences
  • access resources, materials and facilities required throughout the duration

This residency expects artists to:

  • liaise regularly with the Visible Ink staff and present at the beginning and conclusion of the residency about their experiences and practice developed
  • curate a final exhibition of their work at the end of the residency at the Visible Ink Youth Hub or an accessible gallery that supports emerging young artists.

Applications for the next developing artist-in-residence open soon!

If you are interested in becoming the artist-in-residence and contribute to Brisbane’s creative economy, request an outline of the submission criteria by emailing

Note: the program is not a funded position. The selected artist will not be paid but supported in-kind by the Visible Ink Youth Hub in Fortitude Valley.