Copy & Destroy



Visible Ink hosts the Copy + Destroy Zine Library, a collection of independent press covering nearly two decades of ideas from young artists and writers from across the country. It is an open access space to all young people during opening hours.

If you have never heard of a zine, welcome to a library filled with self-published limited-print independent press that covers everything from art, poetry, essays, activism, comic or stories. So come on into the space, chill out, leaf through the pages and get inspired.


Hosting a collection of zines from across the country and even a few international titles takes time and energy, which is why Visible Ink has a resident Librarian who can catalogue, categorise, collate, archive and maintain the titles available for the public.

So what does the Librarian do other than organise zines? Depending on your interests and knowledge you can plan and run pop-up Copy + Destroy Zine Libraries at events such as Valley Fiesta, facilitate zine making workshops across Brisbane, and coordinate the Copy + Destroy Zine Collective. In exchange, we offer our Librarian some additional perks around printing and training as a part of our Enterprise programming.

If you are interested in learning more about being the Copy + Destroy Zine Librarian for Visible Ink, just email us and we’ll have a chat.


So you like zines, have been making, creating and want to meet other like-minded people? You can join our Collective to chat all things zines, attend workshops, meet-ups or events. You can also use our resources to make your own, partner with us to host zine launches or anything else you can think of.

The Collective is run by volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge and ideas. It’s a shared space for local zine enthusiasts to meet and create together in a safe and inclusive environment.

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