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Kaitlyn Rogers

Kaitlyn Rogers is a comedian, writer and scooter enthusiast. Born and raised in suburban Brisbane Kaitlyn grew up studying comedic icons like Jim Carey, Whoopi Goldberg and Kath and Kim. After graduating from Queensland University of Technology she made the bold trek to live in the United Kingdom. There, she made her West End and Edinburgh Fringe debut as an Australian dinosaur in, Dinosaur Zoo. As a puppeteer she enjoyed touring the UK and Denmark for two years before returning to Australia with a love and passion for comedy. Earlier this year Kaitlyn was a state finalist at the RAW Comedy Competition. She is currently filling Visible Ink with the sweet sounds of Beyoncé as she devises her first solo comedy show: Can I Get An Amen?!

Can I Get An Amen?! is a new comedy that will premiere at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Short and Sweet Festival in July. This is the second comedy show starring self proclaimed comedic prodigy Kaitlyn Rogers. Her debut show V.D. sold out at the 2015 Anywhere Festival. With one critic saying, “Kaitlyn Rogers delivers an engaging, energetic performance. Her exaggerated emotions and spontaneous dance moves deliver many laughs” (Meredith Waters, Anywhere Festival). It won awards in both Australia and London. Winner of the 5 Minute Festival London and Best Comedy, Best New Comer and People’s Choice Award at the Short and Sweet Festival.

Being a woman as comedy has its ups and downs. At times it seems like women in comedy have to do double the work to get half the credit. Kaitlyn says, “at any comedy gig there’s normally only one girl.” Which in a way is exciting! As a woman you immediately stick out, some audiences can be quite apprehensive and rough but who doesn’t love an underdog, am I right?

Pursuing a career in the arts presents many clear challenges. Some people say being an artist means a life of uncertainty and instability. That might be true to an extent however Kaitlyn says, “living a life lead by your passion is more enriching and rewarding than paying rent on time. You only live once, might as well enjoy it. Besides a mortgage isn’t going to follow you to the grave.” She continues to say, “I feel so grateful to have found something I feel so passionate about! I have clear goals and I’m ready to work my butt off to make my dreams come true.”

As a born and bred Queenslander Kaitlyn openly struggles with accents and sights Shannon Noll as one of her greatest influences. With the help of Visible Ink she plans to develop Can I Get An Amen?! into a full length show for the fringe festival circuit.

Kaitlyn Rogers Comedy Facebook:

Can I Get An Amen?! tickets:

Melina Wightman and Lia Stark

Melina Wightman and Lia Stark (both 23), are two artsy ladies who enjoy creating and practicing their performance art (as well as updating their tindr profiles) at Vis Ink. Melina and Lia are prevalent in the theatre world of Brisbane (and beyond), the women behind local theatre success Love Letters. The girls have a sweet kind of sisterhood that can be witnessed in their Instagram snaps. They seem to have mastered the art of combining business and friendship-Melina describes working with her best mate as ‘an immense pleasure’.

Melina is a doe-eyed, loud-mouthed QUT theatre graduate who pays the rent working as a barista “I’m living that sweet art graduate hospo lifestyle, as much as I make fun of the trope I really enjoy working as a barista… One day I hope to be able to support myself purely off artistic means, but as a young artist still developing my craft and a name for myself in the industry, art is my part time job, my hobby, my cruel and tender mistress”!

Melina became active in the theatre circuit early in her university degree, working with Vena Cava productions on multiple projects, most notably curating and coordinating a multidisciplinary arts festival Fresh Blood. Melina has previously collaborated with Ruby Donohoe in several different capacities on projects such as Kabul, and Eye Resolution. More recently – ‘I worked with the Suicide Ensemble on the shows The Reality Event: Game/Suicide which was performed at Anywhere Fest 2015 and the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival’.

Melina loves theatre, visual art and food, and cites Broad City, Sex and the City, and her relationships as her primary inspirations – ‘I suppose when you’re an artist, cathartic release is to turn your life qualms into some resort of physical representation of that’.

Visible Ink…

‘is an invaluable source of resources and space, I’m a poor young artist gal, and spaces like this that are free to hire for rehearsal and meetings are sooo important’!

‘is so friendly and inviting, easy to access and such a depth of resources to support young creative people’!

‘It’s always booked out’!!!


Lia is twice a university graduate (in both fine arts and marketing) and a café worker with a distinctive cloud of dark curly hair and a dry wit- “When I’m not having an existential crisis about my life, I’m keen on travelling, doodling and hanging out with my dog. I’m still young, so right now I am just trying to absorb as much of the world as I can and funnel it into my work and writing”.

Lia, like Melina, has previously collaborated with Ruby Donohoe, although on a different project, An Act of Intimacy, and has also worked with Vena Cava Productions, writing and directing two original works for the Fresh Blood festival. Lia has also worked internationally – ‘For 6 months last year, I had to the immense honour of working with immersive theatre masters Punchdrunk with their Off-Broadway show Sleep No More. It was large-scale, deep-end, on the job learning. Also in New York, I studied with the Imporabale Stage, a female-run movement and physical theatre company based in Brooklyn.’

Lia loves theatre, literature, comedy, feminist theory, and ‘ARTS OF ALL KINDS’. Lia’s inspiration is derived from a piece of sage advice ‘(You should always aim to be the person you needed in high school) and that has just always pushed my artistic endeavours. If I had hilarious, feminist, sassy, independent successful woman to talk about human relationships, high school would have been a lot more bearable. So that what I’m trying to be’.

Visible Ink…

‘a safe space for young creatives. It’s free. It’s there to help us make the best art we can.’

‘A+ facilities, free printing and a place to network and experience other artists’.

‘Keycards are such a pain! I wish you could be staffed 24/7 but I know thats not always possible’.


Find out about Melina and Lia’s current project, Love Letters:*ckbois

Chris M

“I do everything at Visink! I tried working from home, but it’s never going to happen!”, Chris M. is tapping at a computer, scrolling through a feed listlessly, he’s trying to organise his latest meet-up project and we’re distracting him. Chris M is one of most regular space users, he shows up most days he’s able and has been doing so for a little over a year. Chris is an artist, his practice has multiple focuses, starting in photography and gradually including, drawing, sculpting, painting (anything with his hands).


Chris came to Brisbane from Kingaroy, trained as a chef, but with a craving to do something creative. He went to Brisbane Youth Service to try out graffiti art, but it didn’t catch, so he started to scope out other kinds of art and wound up at the window at Visible Ink. Chris started drawing creatively a year ago and it’s become a compulsive activity, what he describes as “IMPULSE ART” – “It’s gotta be in existence”. Drawing is pretty new skill in repertoire, and although he’s always taken photos, Chris will essentially attempt any creative medium, considering himself a ‘free-form’ artist and taking an experimental approach through practice and collaboration. “Collaboration is what the world needs… it’s the new apprenticeship”.

Collaboration has been an underlying focus through Chris’ many projects, CHYLD – an attempt to provide an “escape where people can express themselves through photography without being ‘photography’”, PRIMARY ARCADE – a study based art group (“everyone studies design”) and main focus CREATIVE HANDS – the zine that never was, which became a meetup, which became art hopping, which became a place to share events and then back to a meetup!


It’s Chris’ background with photography that got him involved in 2016 Brisbane Youth Week, where he was part of the team documenting the many events that took place in April. It was what he can only describe as a “life changing” experience, “it opened my eyes to opportunities and how I could work in the industry”. While he’s taken work previously as a creative it’s been hard to professionalise it, “I’ve always underpaid myself, but now I’ve learned to value myself, to value my time”.

Working as a contracted professional, Chris was able to build experience and confidence through working collaboratively with a diverse group of young creatives “I haven’t had the opportunities, so I got to see how I worked… It was good to have the trust”.


Chris makes use of Visible Ink to “access the equipment I need”, it’s become his defacto studio, “it’s a safe & quiet working environment (when the office isn’t noisy)”, he uses our computers, internet, DSLR cameras, paints and canvases, and he’s incredibly productive. His debut solo exhibition ‘OUT OF PAPER’ at Deagon’s Artrageous was almost a sell out, with the premise to take his drawings and turn them into paintings, “it got me thinking about the future”.

Chris is embarking on a Film & Television course and has been recently experimenting with Video Art. His motivation, determination and adaptability gives him a pretty good shot at success.


Alana Potts

Alana first dropped into Visible Ink in 2015, joining her sister and collaborator in the creative project The Wildfolk Collective.  Since then her infectious personality has become a regular fixture around the space and this year Alana pulled out her camera to help us document Brisbane Youth Week festivities.

Working primarily in the field of photography in analogue and digital formats, her personal style is largely experimental, searching the abandoned and undiscovered for new ideas and inspiration (probably jumping a fence or two along the way)! Growing up in regional Byron Bay, her work is a reflection of her surrounds during youth, capturing the coastal climates, hills and hinterland of northern NSW as a backdrop for the reckless, the young, and the wild to roam free.


Alana’s contributions to The Wildfolk Collective has resulted in her exhibiting a selection of her 35mm film exposures in a short series of zines; ‘salty’, ‘fresh’, ‘kick push coast’, and ‘sea sirens’.   The zines feature single and double exposures and self-processed negatives, and document the surf culture of her hometown, and has become the inspiration for a larger project ‘home’ – a short surf film exploring the art, surf, life and landscape.

Alana shoots in analogue and digital formats – 35mm, 120 and medium film formats and DSLR resolutions for both private and commercial, personal and contracted commissions — including videography, event photography, music/gig photography, studio/model photography & landscape photography and she is currently studying Advertising, Creative Writing, & Design.


How did you hear about Visible Ink and why did you want to use our space?

I (Rhiana) heard about the space through a friend who suggested that we take advantage of the free printing on offer at Visible Ink.

We love the facilities and the support that we get from the staff, and the fact that such a space exists for the sole purpose of supporting young people and encouraging them to be creative and innovative. Overall, though, I’d say we’re in it for the free milo.

What are you currently working on project-wise?

We’re putting together our fourth issue (to be released on Christmas day, if all goes to plan), which entails organising our submissions, finalising our own inclusions and deciding on the look and feel we want for the issue. We’re also working on expanding our website and developing our new YouTube channel (IbisTV), so that we can display a broader range of content.

What do you do, why did you choose to go down that path, and what do you love about it?

We (myself, Jamie, Jack and Seamus) create and distribute a free zine called Ibis.

We all wanted a platform to showcase our own work and that of our friends and the wider community. We basically thought a free zine would be an awesome, inclusive way to encourage creativity, positivity, sharing and community in Brisbane. It’s also just really nice to dedicate time and attention to something that feels meaningful.

We love the freedom and the lack of constraint that comes with publishing our own zine – we have total creative freedom, can include and create whatever content we like, and we have a platform for our own work whenever we want it. We love receiving submissions, giving something to the community and the collaboration that working on the zine has brought us.

What would you say led you to where you are today?

I think we all love creating and sharing our work, and we’ve all been brought up to be very community minded. I’m about to graduate from a degree in creative and professional writing, Jamie’s graduating from a bachelor of journalism/history, Seamus studies visual arts and Jack studied animation, so the zine is a really practical way for us to gain experience in our chosen fields.

What do you get up to in your down time?

Jack does a lot of Simpson’s themed photoshopping; Seamus skates, surfs and creates for his visual arts degree at QUT; Jamie is learning calligraphy and his times tables; and I love watching movies, singing, dancing and eating (usually all at once).

Is there any advice you would give young people wanting to get involved/started in this field? Or any advice you wish you’d been given beforehand?

As our friend Shia Labeouf says: JUST DO IT. Making use of the free resources at Visible Ink is a great way to start out.

In terms of helpful advice I’d say… Make sure that you edit your zine really thoroughly before you distribute it. Also, try to be as organised as possible – keep tabs of all costs, numbers and anything that could possibly be important at a later date. Don’t just assume that you will remember it, because you probably won’t (or is that just me…?).

How would you suggest young people get involved? Or opportunities like this in Brisbane?

If you’d like to contribute to our zine, you can send your work to

If you want to stay up to date with zine related events in Brisbane, check out the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium (ZICS) Facebook page, and if you’re interested in zines in general, I recommend paying a visit to Junky Comics in West End, which has a really cool collection of national and international zines and comics.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Where can people get in touch with you?




Neko DC

Neko DC are a casual dance crew that aim to have fun and share their passion for dance. Off the back of their first performance at the BrisAsia Festival this dynamic group answered a few questions about getting involved in dance, hanging out and following their dreams.
What does Neko DC do and what do you love about it?
We are a casual entertainment group that makes various videos on YouTube and occasionally perform live. We offer dance and reaction videos, vlogs and many more fun videos. We aim to spread our passion for dance and music and hopefully get Brisbane more recognition. We mainly showcase K-Pop but we will be working on some J-Pop and hip hop covers! We really wish to cover a lot.

What are you currently working on project-wise?
We just successfully completed our first performance for BrisAsia Festival, Taste of Asia and started making YouTube videos. We are now focusing on more video projects such as dance covers and hopefully a few more performances in the future!
How did Neko DC hear about Visible Ink?
Our members are a part of various dance groups around Brisbane that has always come to Vis Ink for space. Visible Ink provides a great happy and safe environment that we absolutely love. The meeting room is a great place for us to hold meetings and to record our videos and the rehearsal space is a really great help for our dance covers and performance preparations! Apart from that, Vis Ink has a nice kitchen and living area that we can relax in.

Speaking of relaxing, what does Neko DC get up to in your down time?
Hmm~ does karaoke and eating out count? We love to eat. When we have the chance we will eat and go to karaoke. One of our members, E, loves karaoke so we always go! Everyone loves food, so eating food always make us happy.
face pro
What would you say led you to where you are today?
Having a great number of people supporting us and being surrounded by great friends really makes us work harder to achieve great goals. We hope one day we can travel together and hold dance workshops, meet and greet our amazing supporters. We have so many big dreams that wish to accomplish. We’ve only been together for about 2 months now and we feel like we’ve achieved so much and we’re very thankful.

Is there any advice Neko DC would give young people wanting to get involved?
For those who want to create videos, dance or have something you wish to start but are afraid, don’t be. Just start it straight away, if you want to do it with a friend, then grab a friend. If you made a video or want to do a dance cover, record it and upload it straight away. Getting your work out is one of the best feelings! Of course you won’t be recognised straight away but you will slowly and it’s great. We honestly felt that our channel wouldn’t have done well if it wasn’t for the support from our friends and family. Having support is really helpful. We know you can do it! Be positive and just start.

How would you suggest young people get involved with Neko DC or any group in Brisbane?
Find a group or start searching for opportunities. If you see an opportunity advertised for performance or something that you know you have skills in, take it! Always try so you won’t end up regretting it. VisInk is really helpful when it comes to opportunities but it’s good to search around as well.
If you’ve read this, we hope we’ve inspired you start what you love to do or at least have given a good read. We’re very thankful for having VisInk and we hope you can continue to support them and us! If you would like to get to know us a bit more, then please visit our social media sites below.


Mantist Oryem

Mantist Oryem is an African-Australian producer, hip hop and spoken-word artist who has been utilising the Visible Ink space since 2007. Mantist uses music to express his reality, entertain people and to inspire.
Tell us a little about yourself, what you do and what you love about it?
As an African Australian producer, hip hop and spoken word artist, music started for me as a tool to get what is inside out in a more positive way. I love music in a way that it gives me freedom to express myself. It’s like a therapy for me; a true source of happiness and a feeling that I can only get from listening and doing it. Now I create music to entertain and inspire other people for the best.

What would you say led you to where you are today?
My first dream was to become a doctor. I was always scoring high grade in science and I love every science classes I’ve been at. I used to collect insects and scientifically name them. However my music journey started through a series of workshops with completely no musical background. After a while, I became so attached to it that I’ve decided to abandoned my science career and pursue a career in music.

After two years of workshops and being self-taught many aspects of the industry, I was able to write my first EP album which was recorded and distributed by the end of 2009, “Out Of Poverty Into The Glory”. It was very successful and provided me with opportunities to perform consistently throughout Brisbane in clubs, pubs, parties and celebrated festivals in Brisbane such as Brisbane Festival, Zillmere Festival, World Refugee Day Festival, etc. I have also been fortunate enough to receive media and editorial coverage from The Courier Mail, MX, Scene magazine and radio stations as well as 4ZZZ having played my music and conducting interviews with me.
Mantist-BoloWhat are you currently working on project-wise?
Currently I’m promoting dual songs that I have just release title “Hello Mama” which is a dedication to my mum and all the other mothers. The new release song is now live and selling online at the entire major online selling platform such as ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc. The goal is to reach 10,000 digital sell of the Hello Mama’s song by the end of July.

How did you hear about Visible Ink?
I have been an active participant in many Visible Ink programs over the years. Visible Ink sponsored my first professional photo shoot with Lightbox Studio. Visible Ink also funded me to participate in the QMusic program call Music Action Planning Project. I was also mentor by local MC and DJ Nick Grace in song writing and recording. Over the past year, I have also been using the Visible Ink space to develop, rehearse and perfect my art.

What do you get up to in your down time?
I enjoy physical activities such as going for a hardcore workout 3 to 4 days a week. I also play street basketball and enjoy taking a long weekend drive as a bit of an adventure in the countryside. And off course all of those activities involve me listening to some form of music.

Is there any advice about getting into the music industry you wish you’d been given beforehand?
Take a serious and conscious look into your life and ask yourself, how do you really want to live? Keep in mind that you’re capable of doing anything you really want to do. At this point do not concern yourself with “how to do it”. The purpose of this question is to identify what you’re really passionate about. Once you identify what you’re passionate about, the how is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow the success system in your field. I follow this formula:

  1. Inspiration to action – which is finding a passion that will fuel you to take action because you want to not because someone is telling you to,
  2. Know how – gain any knowledge you can get in your field (remembering that, the system works if you work the system),
  3. Make it happen – put all your knowledge, skills and techniques together to create your goals.

How would you suggest young people get involved in this opportunity?
There are many opportunities and support in Brisbane. All you have to do is seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given to you. Knock and the door will be open. Remember, you will become what you think about. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. I should also point out that, the only limitation you have is the one you set in your own mind or you let other people set for you.

Where can people get in touch with you?
For exclusive videos, albums, downloads and connecting with me on my social media, visit

Audax Industria Ensemble

Audax Industria Ensemble are partnering with Visible Ink throughout 2015 to build their company as well as rehearse for their upcoming show Rumination. After launching in February the ensemble have been working hard to create, develop and devise an innovative space for performance. Hannah and David sat down and gave us a little insight into their vision for Audax Industria Ensemble.

What are you currently working on project-wise?
We are currently working on our inaugural production “Rumination” which is written by Spenser Wallace, directed by David Charmley and choreographed by Hannah Farrelly.

What does Audax Industria Ensemble do and what do you love about it?
The focus of the ensemble is first and foremost with the creation and exploitation of productions in the Brisbane theatre industry. The objective of the ensemble is to collaborate and create innovative, contemporary theatre with a strong focus on multidiscipline art forms. The secondary focus of the ensemble is to share our knowledge and support emerging artists through intensive and weekly training programs, focusing on ensemble collaboration, creative skills and hybrid performance skills.
The reason we have chosen this path is because we are passionate about creating and facilitating theatre, and we have a clear vision for unique and innovative theatre. We are fortunate to have a highly skilled team to work with, who drive us closer to our goal.

IMG_2818 (2)

How did you hear about Visible Ink?
We first heard about Visible Ink through Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, where we have worked as performers and teaching artists. In our experience, we have always been impressed with the facilitators, resources and space provided at Visible Ink.

How would you suggest young people get involved with Audax Industria Ensemble?
We encourage emerging artists to get involved with our ensemble! We are always seeking new and passionate artists to work with – performers, directors, writers, composers, arts administrators, dramaturges, stage managers, designers, and technical artists.

Audax Industria Ensemble’s Top Ten Tips for getting involved:
1. Be bold
2. Have energy
3. Always have fun
4. Explore
5. Work with integrity
6. Keep vitalised
7. Show leadership
8. Be professional
9. Don’t stop learning
10. Network!


Where can people get in touch with you?
Instagram: @audax_industria_ensemble
Twitter: @audax_industria

Hock Chong Wushu Centre

How did you hear about Visible Ink and why did you want to use our space?
We have always visited Visible Ink as our music training space.

What are you currently working on project-wise?
We are a small group of people interested in Chinese martial arts and cultural performance. We train twice a week usually including fitness, Chinese kungfu and lion dance.

What do you do, why did you choose to go down that path, and what do you love about it?
We are just passionate about being fit and healthy. We love martial arts culture and Chinese traditions.

How would you suggest young people get involved in this opportunity? Or opportunities like this in Brisbane?
We are training at Visible Ink, everyone is welcome to come along and train with us if you are interested in Chinese martial arts.

For general inquiries:
Cathy: 0451 698 885
Check out the Hong Chock Wushu youtube channel:

Terra Nemo Theatre Company

No strangers to Visible Ink, members of Terra Nemo Theatre Company have had an active involvement with the space through past projects. “Visible Ink is not only a central venue for young artists to use but also has such fantastic experienced and friendly staff, plus lots of other creatives coming in and out to network, it’s what made it our first choice to rehearse ‘Witchery.’ There is such a welcoming vibe and you’re always made to feel at home.”

‘Witchery’ rehearsals (August 2014), photography by Anissa Roberts, featuring Gwilym Temple, Nicholas Prior, Hayley Mcallister, Alex Carlton-Thomas and members of the ensemble.

‘Witchery’ rehearsals (August 2014), photography by Anissa Roberts, featuring Gwilym
Temple, Nicholas Prior, Hayley Mcallister, Alex Carlton-Thomas and members of the

The group have been working hard developing and rehearsing their ambitious new production, their biggest to date, bringing in over twenty artists from around Brisbane including actors, directors, designers and choreographers. “We’ll be converting our venue into a fully functioning nightclub called ‘Pulse’, inviting the audience to not simply watch but involve themselves as a variety of story lines play out.” We’ve been assured that while a full functioning bar will be present in their new production, it’s still an all-ages gig, and it seems they should know a thing or two about nightclubs, Divi, one of the Terra Nemo directors is also a DJ.

The Terra Nemo crew is made up entirely of young, emerging artists, and they take a fresh outlook on theatre production, “our aim it is to create exciting new theatrical works, where everyone can collaborate and experiment with their own ideas, taking on risks and challenges.” The experimental approach doesn’t stop at the creative product, they even take on new models for creative economies, “because artist development is our focus, we don’t put a price on our tickets but offer our audiences the option to donate what they feel their experience ‘was worth, if at all’ after the performance, and use any funds that we do receive to make our future shows even more exciting”. This in itself becomes an important feedback mechanism to reflect and help their members grow professionally.

“We created the company to provide young artists something different to involve themselves with, an independent company where they can not only perform under direction but experiment with others roles, network with like-minded people and create something that they can call their own. We want to encourage young adults from in and around Brisbane who may be new to theatre to come and give it a try, to open a forum for discussion and to see the level of professionalism their peers can achieve when they have the opportunity to do so. Being able to produce a full-scale work from scratch, with minimal funding, that you can call your own is a really rewarding experience. It’s even better when you get to do it with friends, both old and new.”

‘Crystal Blue Sky’ (April 2014), photography by Daniel B. Jauwhannes, featuring Bella Bosscher, Alex Carlton-Thomas and Eleni Pergaris

‘Crystal Blue Sky’ (April 2014), photography by Daniel B. Jauwhannes, featuring Bella
Bosscher, Alex Carlton-Thomas and Eleni Pergaris

Encouraging people from all creative disciplines is an important focus of the group, “we want to try smashing them all together to create performances that was really interesting”, and this multi-disciplinary approach also carries through to their down-time,  “usually if someone isn’t learning lines or designing costumes then you’ll find them doing something like writing music or painting!” And this perpetual activity may be the secret to their enthusiasm and success, keeping things fresh and exciting. On creative pursuits, Terra Nemo offer this advice:

“The best thing you can do is just take the dive. If you have an idea that you really believe is worth pursuing, start researching how to do it. Get the wheels in motion. If you’re unsure, talk to someone. Get your friends involved. Come to somewhere like Visible Ink. There really is no one stopping you but yourself!”

 You can catch Terra Nemo Theatre Company‘s latest production, ‘Witchery‘ at Jugglers Art Space, on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd September. They will also be announcing their 2015 program towards the end of the year.

Contact directly: