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First rehearsal down!

CR Productions are busily preparing for the Short and Sweet Festival in July.

To find out more about CR Productions check out their Facebook page:

Badges galore

Did you know you can make badges at VI? We’ve even got three sizes. We’ve even made it easy with a tool to help get your artwork onto paper and into the badge press ASAP! What’s stopping you? Go badge crazy!!!

Zines, zines, zines!

Copy & Destroy keeps getting bigger and better. Come in to VI and browse the amazing collection or better still contribute your own to this amazing library. You can follow the collectives activities and get a glimpse of the archive over at the C&D instagram.

I came in like a sticker wall

Does your artwork deserve ever lasting notoriety on our sticker wall? Come in to VI, print your originals and throw them up for everyone to see, we’ll even print a few extra to distribute to your mates, add to your zine or stick on your board!

Starting at Zero

Calling on young musicians, producers and performers!

Hot on the heals of the QUBE Effect during Brisbane Youth Week, Brisbane City Council and Qmusic are hosting a workshop as part of Qmusic’s Brisbane Industry Connect program.

Starting at Zero – Introduction to Industry Connect, will be held on Thursday April 20, 6- 7:30pm here at Visible Ink. The workshops aim is to wipe the slate clean of all the preconceptions about what the music industry is, give you a broad view of the current music industry landscape and work on some personalised goal-setting for each participant.

You can book your place here and if you require any more information, contact Trina at Qmusic on 3257 0013.


Be Enterprising Panel Discussion

Thinking about starting your own business but have no idea how to get it off the ground? Visible Ink is hosting a Be Enterprising panel discussion following young entrepreneurs through their journey. Come along to hear about their experiences, lessons, achievements and advice as a young person starting out. The guest speakers are James Banks the cofounder of WEB3, Rhea Mozo who started Zenify Me, Isaac Holmyard who is the Opportunities Manager at Little Tokyo Two among other things. Anne Kelly who is an young entrepreneur and artist.

Be Enterprising Panel Discussion is part of Youth Week @ Visible Ink, Monday 3rd April, 2:30pm-5pm.

Rhea Mozo

Rhea Mae Mozo is the Founder of Zenify Me, Australia’s leading Live Chat AI Lead Generation Company based in Brisbane. She is the first round winner of 7 Day Start Up Challenge by Dan Norris and has helped mentor startups within the tech space in Australia.  She is Passionate about excelling her clients customer service expectations and taking their digital presence to the next level with Machine Learning.

James Banks

Through his WordPress specialist agency, Web3, James helps organisations generate more revenue from WordPress websites built to convert traffic into profit. Over the last half decade, he has helped hundreds of local, national and international organisations such as the Queensland Government, Brisbane & Gold Coast City Council, Mercedes Benz AMG, Culture Kings, Mosaic Property Group & Guide Dogs Queensland succeed with their online strategy. As a speaker at WordCamp Melbourne & Sydney & Brisbane, he is passionate about helping people in getting the most out of WordPress. He also loves working together with other online marketing and WordPress consultants to deliver data-driven results.

Anne Kelly

Anne is a young Brisbane creative, dabbling in various forms of design and independent media circulation. She runs her own design business, built off the back of a history of freelancing in IT. Anne is also a practicing artist, the entrepreneur behind Sober Bob Monthly – an outfit selling indie badges, patches and stickers, and volunteers at Visible Ink running the zine collective ‘Copy & Destroy’.

Youth Week 2017 @ VI

Brisbane Youth Week is happening again from 31 March – 9 April and the crew at Visible Ink are getting ready for a range of events and pop-ups in the Valley. Check out our full Youth Week lineup here.

Brisbane Youth Week provides opportunities for young people to share ideas, have their voices heard on issues of concern to them, attend live events and celebrate their contribution to the community.


Hello! We are a Kpop cover dance group consisting of four-girls including Kelly, Brit, River and Kathy. We are based in Brisbane and were formed in 2014. Our dance crew is called P4pero (the 4 is silent and pronounced Pepero) and began filming and posting videos on YouTube. We love eating Pepero (a very popular Korean snack) and we have 4 members, hence we came up with the name P4pero! We rehearse every week and it’s always something to look forward to as we rehearse dances for upcoming performances and new dance covers while also having fun and hanging out together as close friends. We absolutely love performing, as it’s the most rewarding feeling from practicing all those hours in the studio and getting to wear exciting costumes on stage as well. Our most prominent experience was winning the Kpop World Festival in 2015 in Melbourne and getting selected to go to South Korea to perform in the finals along with 14 other countries around the world. It was an unforgettable and extraordinary experience getting to actually experience what its like to be a Kpop idol and we were fortunate enough to dance in front of a crowd of 25,000 people on the competition night! Since starting P4pero, we have met so many people and have been able to do what we love with supporters from around the world, which is amazing. We hope to continue dancing and putting out more dance covers! We will keep working hard so please support us and make sure you check out our social media pages :)

Facebook: /P4peroDance
Youtube: /peperodance
Instagram: /p4perodance

What do you do and how did you get here?

We cover Kpop dances, which means we learn the dance routines from our favourite Kpop idol groups. Kpop is short for Korean pop which is becoming a globally recognised genre of music along with dances people can learn. We started dancing together just as friends because we all shared similar interests in Korean pop music as well as dance, then officially formed in 2014 and have been together ever since!

What are you planning for the future?

We are planning to do a lot of things! We aim to keep covering Kpop dances and create more videos to upload to Youtube, but more regularly. We also aim to be more internationally recognised and hopefully one day be invited to perform overseas which would be a dream! We also aim to showcase more of Kpop in Brisbane and introduce people to the entertaining music form and dance. For now, we plan to practice hard and keep performing locally around Brisbane and create a bigger Kpop and dance community.

Why do you use Visible Ink?

We use Visible Ink’s rehearsal space mainly to meet up and rehearse dance routines. The rehearsal space is extremely convenient for us in terms of accessibility and location and the staff are very friendly. Visible Ink has definitely played an important part in our dancing activities as we use the space to practice and we are very grateful!

Do you think places like this are important for young people and why?

Yes, absolutely! Community places like this are so important for young people to be able to express themselves whether it’s for dance, acting, singing, or art. It’s a perfect place to meet with friends to work on projects together or practice together and the facilities are fabulous for it. From renting out tripods or cameras to printing, to using the studio, Visible Ink has it all!

Madeline Price

Meet Madeline Price (22), long-term Visible Ink user, law AND arts student, UQ student ambassador, Vice President of Gender and Sexuality at UQ, avid rock climber, traveller, waterskiier, and generally a swell gal.

Currently Madeline’s main deal is as founder and director of the One Woman Project, a very cool not-for-profit organisation that most Brisbane feminists would be aware of. Madeline describes the One Woman Project as ‘a youth-led non-for-profit organisation dedicated to education about and advocacy promoting global gender equality’ who run ‘in-school educational workshops, state-wide campaigns, biannual conferences, engagement and outreach events, and external seminars about gender equality’.

As director, Madeline is in charge of managing 22 volunteers working on a number of events and activities, and a facilitation team which delivers in-school programs. The team is also currently working on a number of free engagement and outreach events, and an upcoming domestic violence awareness campaign. The One Woman Project has recently had a major success in selling out their upcoming mid-year conference ‘Brisbane’s Finest Feminists’ featuring workshops, panel discussions, live music, and networking.


In addition to this, ‘We have just opened applications for our Semester 2 external seminar series’. This seminar series ‘is open to all university and high-school aged young people and covers such topics as; an introduction to gender and sex, women in music, women in sport, feminist philosophy, online trolling and cyberbullying, the medicalisation of birth, and more’.

‘I am constantly inspired by the hard work, commitment and passion of my fellow volunteers at the One Woman Project. Achieving global gender equality is a massive goal and sometimes it can feel unattainable – until I see the work that my team are putting in to achieve it…Every day I am inspired by my team of volunteers, who are passionate about changing the world’.

Prior to founding the One Woman Project, Madeline was still directing her energies towards bettering society – ‘I was heavily involved in Oaktree, Australia’s largest, youth-led aid and development advocacy organisation. Within Oaktree, from 2012 – 2014, I had a number of roles, including: Live Below the Line Insiders Coordinator, UQ Oaktree founder and President, Roadtrip to End Poverty facilitator and Community Leaders (Outreach) Coordinator’. As well as this, ‘back in 2009 I founded the Alternative to Schoolies Project. Through this Project we successfully had 15 students from the Gympie region travel to Cambodia and Thailand and partake in volunteer work for two weeks as an alternative to the traditional ‘Schoolies’ activities’.

Madeline seems to strive for perpetual improvement and evolvement on all scales. ‘Vis Ink needs to be bigger – we should have an entire office building dedicated to youth-led projects in Brisbane! The main thing that draws me to Visible Ink is that it is youth-focused and youth-driven. There are very few venues in Brisbane that prioritise youth-users and can facilitate ongoing projects and large-scale activities. The staff are always ready to lend a hand – or their expertise – and it is a positive, friendly and energetic environment.’

Find out more about Madeline:,