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Emerging Visual Artists: Lisa Tran Kelly

We’d like to introduce you to the artists that have turned out some amazing designs during this program, including Lisa Tran Kelly, a multi-disciplinary artist who utilises mediums such as pencil, ink, acrylics, oils and gold-leaf.

As a part of Visible Ink’s Enterprise program, we support young and emerging visual artists to scale their work to suit large sites and submit an Expression of Interest. This year five young artists worked with Jugglers and Brightsiders to submit their EOI to Brisbane Canvas. They were successful in their designs being incorporated over two sites during the Brisbane Street Art Festival.


You first got involved with Visible Ink through the Visible Ink Emerging Visual Artists (EVA) program, what was that like?

I had actually visited Visible Ink briefly a few other times as one of my friends volunteered there hosting workshops. I really enjoyed our time at Vis Ink for the program and found the rooms and materials available awesome. It’s a really inspiring space and making simple things like printing, scanning and art materials readily accessible to youth is a really fantastic idea that can help build the grounds for creative support and motivation. Knowing that I can access this place when I need to is something I’m very grateful to have in Brisbane and gives me a huge sense of hope for the future development of emerging artistic communities within the city.

The same goes for my experience with the EVA program. It was really valuable to have mentors taking us through elements of making Council-level applications and how to scale up our works. It was a great opportunity to be able to meet up with other like-minded emerging artists and work alongside them as well.

What are you currently working on, project-wise?

Currently I am working on a few different projects. I’m creating a mural with Brienne Aspinall for Brisbane Street Art Festival and have an upcoming group exhibition (“Art with Heart”) showcased at Juggler’s Art Space that will be raising funds for the Asylum Seeker Refugee Centre in the same month. So I am creating a series of paintings and gold-leaf wood blocks that represent the values of my Vietnamese heritage and the expectations and sacrifices made for me and my younger brother. As well as this, seeking to explore the extreme differences in lifestyles and times and generally the impact of experience that immigration and assimilation has on the persons involved and our broader Australian community.

What do you do and why did you choose to go down this path? What do you love about it?

I have an undergrad in Psychology and am currently completing my Masters in Social Work. I’ve always practised art on the side and have had opportunities to combine both interests plenty of times through an art residency with Brisbane City Council and work for the Queensland Eating Disorder Day program.  For work I am a disability support worker and occasionally fulfil speaking roles for The Eating Issues Centre.

While I love art and it is a huge focus in my life, in choosing what to study I have always wanted to use the privileges I have to learn skills and techniques to help the people most disadvantaged in society. I love building connections with others and making a positive difference in the community and hope to eventually build a career that combines artistic practise with these principles.

What would you say led you to where you are today?

Mental health and recovery are themes that go hand in hand with creativity so it can be a natural relationship. And while I’ve studied in the human services fields I feel like in many ways my non-art-related study has really driven my thirst for practising art as I’ve had to work hard to create and pursue artistic opportunities while still focusing on study, placements and support work roles. I have always been greatly inspired by my grandmother who is a brilliant artist and art teacher and who has taught me the value of practising art and immersing yourself in the world because with an artistic perspective beauty and meaning can be found within everything.

Is there any advice you wish you’d been given before you started in this field?

I think one of the biggest things that has come up in commissioning is determining pricing point as an emerging artist starting the first few big, important jobs. There isn’t a union that sets the minimum rate for producing an art work or large art job so I’ve struggled with pricing my work fairly and have finished a few jobs feeling exploited in the past. I’ve been lucky to have professional artists as friends and mentors who I can contact for guidance in this area but I wish I had been aware earlier of how to assert myself and had some better reference to inform my commission prices. I would definitely say before agreeing to a price on a large job to seek advice and perspective  from others in your industry.

What do you get up to in your down time? 

In my down time when I’m not studying or painting – music, playing Zelda, or being outdoors swimming in some body of water. I love playing music. I have a harp, electric guitar and ukulele I love to dabble with and an old piano I’ve played since I was seven.

How would you suggest young people get involved in similar opportunities such as EVA?

I suggest to look out for opportunities via ArtsGuide Brisbane, local galleries in your area and art universities. There are so many great opportunities out there it’s always worth getting involved and putting yourself out there.

Where can people get in touch with you? 

You can find my artworks @themoongallery on Instagram, on my website or Facebook @themoongalleryartbylisa. Lisa’s upcoming mural as a part of Brisbane Street Art Festival and funded by Brisbane Canvas will be open for viewings Sunday 15 April, 10am-4pm at Sherriff Street, Petrie Terrace.

Emerging Visual Artists: Imogene Peach

As a part of Visible Ink’s Enterprise program, we support young and emerging visual artists to scale their work to suit large sites and submit an Expression of Interest. This year five young artists worked with Jugglers and Brightsiders to submit their EOI to Brisbane Canvas. They were successful in their designs being incorporated over two sites during the Brisbane Street Art Festival.

We’d like to introduce you to the artists that have turned out some amazing designs during this program, including Imogene Peach, Brisbane based artist and real life peach.


You first got involved with Visible Ink through the Emerging Visual Artists (EVA) program, what was that like?

The Emerging Visual Artists program was a super great experience. Having other artists want to lift you up like that is a true rarity in the art world and to have the fortune of such established and incredible artists there to support you and teach you their little secrets was incredibly uplifting and rewarding. I gained such great exposure, opportunities, and also learnt a lot of really valuable skills using new mediums, responding to artistic briefs and transforming works into large scale formats.

For anyone wanting to get involved with similar programs like Emerging Visual Artists I would suggest, look anywhere and everywhere for inspiration and opportunities, no matter how small or large. Humble beginnings are where all great things start. Instagram is also always a great place to network and share your artistic platform.

What are you currently working on, project-wise?

Currently I’m working on a show that explores my personal growth and struggles with gender identity, body image and performative femininity through experimenting with various iterations of the human form. It includes many portraits of friends of all identities and walks of life, using acrylic, markers and a little aerosol as my main mediums. It embraces the fluidity of the human form and experience. I also have had the incredible opportunity to work alongside some other amazing artists for the Brisbane Street Art Festival this year and will be completing a fun mural for them in April.

What do you do and why did you choose to go down this path? What do you love about it?

I have been producing art for a long time, but have only just found the confidence to embrace it fully after some tough times really made me realise creating is really when I feel the most comfy and myself. I currently do commission based works for a whole walk of different clients. The thing I love the most about this is the special connection you gain with someone by drawing them and the huge spectrum of different clients I paint for is always exciting as each work is something different to the one before- it really makes the whole experience fun and inspiring each time I get a job.

What would you say led you to where you are today?

I think what really led me to where I am now was through the power of positive thinking and mindfulness. I have a rough history with mental illness and found that the best way for me to express my tumultuous relationship with my brain was not so much through words, but with my hands, really getting in touch with what I love doing and holding on to that so tightly. Art has played a huge role in my recovery and still does everyday I pick up a pen or brush. The strength of other friends and the ones I love who have really been pushing it up hill and have come out on top has inspired me to take every opportunity I can and to always keep creating.

Is there any advice you wish you’d been given before you started in this field?

I think the best advice I have been given in regards to art is to believe in what you do and always do it with agency. Self doubt has always been my biggest obstacle, but listening to the positive feedback you’re receiving and accepting that you are deserving and worth this is a HUGE step in the right direction.

What do you get up to in your down time?

In my spare time (which I have a lot of) I love to annoy my cat, take care of my garden, craft anything and everything and enjoy the present with the ones I love.


You can get in touch with  with Imogene via Instagram at @imogenepeachart and also on Facebook by the same name. Or swing by and check out her mural work Sunday 15 April, 10am-4pm at Toombul Skatepark – 46 Parkland Street, Nundah – as a part of Brisbane Street Art Festival and funded by Brisbane Canvas.

Visible Ink takeover The POD

Visible Ink is once again taking over The POD on Brunswick Street Mall this April. As a part of Brisbane Youth Week we’ll be hosting some of the city’s finest emerging talent. Come along and check it out Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April.

Live from Outer Space – Some Jerks and more…

Live From Outer Space are returning with another installment of their ALL AGES music program, featuring a stellar lineup of local talent! Featuring Some Jerks, The Stress of Leisure and Elder.

Outer Space, 1/170 Montague Road, West End
Saturday 31 March, doors open 7:30pm
Entry $10 // All ages // Drug & alcohol free // More details FB

Live from Outer Space – Bad Bangers EP Launch

Join tropical weirdo punk duo Bad Bangers as they launch their new EP “Hooray For Everything” at West End’s newest art gallery and creative hub, Outer Space. Featuring Bad Bangers, Cannon and Hexmere.

Outer Space, 1/170 Montague Road, West End
Friday 30th March, doors open 7pm
Entry $10 // All ages // Drug & alcohol free //

Put Us First Fest

Start Queensland Women’s Week off with a bang at Put Us First Fest, an all ages day of workshops for women and non-binary folks who want to pursue music, whether it’s their hobby, passion project or career. PUF Fest will be a hands-on learning experience in a non-judgmental environment led by Brisbane’s best in their fields, including:

– Live audio production with Anna Whitaker (audio engineer for QPAC, The Triffid, Bleach Festival and Woodford Folk Festival)

– Learn to DJ with Dameeela (4ZZZ DJ, WAVEY, Listen Out Festival, Laneway Festival and a regular feature on Brisbane’s club circuit)

– Marketing 101 with Sarah Chipman (Title Track), Ash Kissane (Mucho-Bravado, Control Zine) and Elizabeth Ansley (Mellum)

– Song-writing workshops for guitar, electronic production and hip hop

– Zine-making with Rebecca Cheers (Woolf Pack)

Saturday 3 March – $20 entry – Outer Space, 170 Montague Road, West End. This is an all-ages event.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, the celebration will keep going into the night with the Put Us First Fest after party: featuring Rebel Yell, G Elenil and May Lyn!


Presented by 4ZZZ and QMusic, as a Queensland Women’s Week initiative and supported by Visible Ink.

Industry Connect 2018

Industry Connect brings music industry professionals from around Australia together to support anyone interested in building a sustainable career in the industry. The program is designed for emerging artists and music industry workers to develop relationships, knowledge and the opportunities to succeed.

Visible Ink’s Enterprise program is partnering with Q-Music to support young and emerging artists, bands and producers to attend Industry Connect throughout 2018. Check out Industry Connect to keep update on the upcoming events, and swing by Visible Ink for a chat (or email us) if you have any questions about getting involved.


Applications for The QUBE Effect close this Friday 16 February

The QUBE Effect is a music program that provides live performance and promotional and development opportunities for emerging and professional Brisbane musicians. Twenty-four musical groups, including soloists, duos and bands, will be shortlisted by an industry panel and provided the opportunity to nurture their talent as musicians over a six-month program. The program includes video clip filming, industry networking, live performances, management workshops, prizes and more. The QUBE Effect live performances on 7 and 14 April are presented as part of Brisbane Youth Week 2018.

To apply head to The QUBE Effect page and add your details today!


This program is proudly supported by Brisbane City Council and Visible Ink’s Enterprise program.

genYOU Inspire 2018

Imagine if you received a toolbox, one which would not only help you secure the job you really want, but also be awesome at it! We’re not just talking about technical knowledge (you probably have that already), but the additional traits, attitudes and skills which will help you to stand out of the crowd. That skills toolbox is generationYOU.

genYOU Inspire is a series of short free events that bring together local legends with a single goal – to help Brisbane’s young people unleash their potential at work and in life! Come along to one or all of these events –

March 1: How to create a CV and Cover Letter for maximum impact.

April 11: Learn to network like a pro.

June 6: Enterprise skills – what they are and why you need them.

August 7: Building an outstanding personal brand.

October 10: How to ensure your career is on the right track.


Head to the generationYOU website or Facebook page to book your free place.


genYOU Inspire is proudly supported by Economic Development – Brisbane City Council and Visible Ink’s Enterprise program.

Visible Ink takeover The POD: Lucy Dron

Located on the Brunswick Street Mall emerging artists activate The POD with Visible Ink support for two days of free entertainment on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April during Brisbane Youth Week 2018, showcasing the best of Brisbane’s young musicians and performers. We’d like you to meet some of the awesome talent gracing the stage and let them tell you about who they are and where they’re going.


How did you hear about Visible Ink and how did you get involved with our space? 

– I was studying at the Music Industry College and my principal Brett Wood sent out emails for performing opportunities at The Pod. That’s how I first started and from then on I was lucky to be asked back and it has been extremely helpful for me as a young musician.

What are you currently working on project-wise?

-I’m continuously creating new music , but am aiming at the moment to reach out to as many venues and fellow musicians for gig opportunities. I am also applying for grants as frequently as I can since I am taking a gap year this year. My big project for 2018 is to record my second album which I hope to release this year.

What do you do, why did you choose to go down that path, and what do you love about it?

I am purely a musician and it has been a part of my life since I was born. Music has always been my underlying passion and now that I have begun pursuing it in life I’ve found performing and creating music to be my favourite thing to do out of anything. The process of writing a song itself for me, brings out a lot of emotion and release within me. It feels like something that is inside of me has finally burst free, while also solving many personal issues and internal dissonance through the lyrical process and musical release. This is always followed by  intense clarity, and then I get to share it with people by performing and hope it has some kind of impact on them and how they feel. Because of this music and performing is essential to me as a person. I couldn’t function without it, and from this I hope for it to be the path I go down for the rest of my life.

What would you say led you to where you are today? E.g. what is your background, dreams and inspiration that have led you to this project you’re working on today?

-Well I think music was always what I would end up attempting to pursue as from the age of about 11 I really really began loving bands such as The Strokes, Radiohead, The microphones and many more as I grew older. These bands inspired me immensely and I began getting into singing because I needed to express what I was feeling. So itsalways been an intense love of mine, but honestly, making the decision to leave my State school and move to the Music Industry College at the end of grade 10  is what really started to make a life in the music industry become a possible reality for me.

What do you get up to in your down time? Do you have any hobbies?

I play the guitar a lot and write music. I listen to music, enjoy driving and travelling and when at home, I like to watch movies.

Is there any advice you would give young people wanting to get involved/started in this field? Or any advice you wish you’d been given beforehand?

Don’t get wrapped up in everything around you. Remember that the music from within you that you create is the first and most important step in my opinion. Focus on the real meaning and feeling of it all more than worrying about how it sounds or comparing yourself to others and worrying about how many people you are reaching. That’s not to say that aiming for quality and thinking about other musicians and your audience aren’t still really important,  but don’t let that become more important than the music itself.

How would you suggest young people get involved in this opportunity? Or opportunities like this in Brisbane?

– Literally message any venues, other musicians and anyone involved in gigs and performing. Tell them a bit about you and share some demos, live performances or other media links for them to see and hear you. Many will get back to you with opportunities if you keep trying. This at least is what I have been doing.




For the full lineup of performers at Visible Ink takeover The POD please check out our calendar of events or Council’s What’s On closer to the date.

As a part of Visible Ink takeover The POD, all performers are encourage to get involved with Visible Ink’s Enterprise program for professional development including supported opportunities to attend events such as Q Music’s Industry Connect or Little Bigsound, and participate in The QUBE Effect.

If you’re interested in finding out more about other artist that are a part of Visible Ink takeover The POD check out our Profiles page. For more information about music and production, Enterprise or Visible Ink please email or call (07) 3403 0136.