Bri Lee

We met Bri Lee (24) earlier this year. She appeared at the window, enthused by the prospect of free printing. Since then, she has been a consistent user of Visible Ink, patiently waiting as we work through the backlog of printing requests.

Bri is a writer, and the Founding Editor of Hot Chicks with Big Brains (HCwBB). “HCwBB began back in 2014 as a feminist interview series for successful women who appreciate a curated sense of self – focusing on the relationship between their work and their personal style“.

Since then, the HCwBB entity has expanded its focus. “We’ve grown into a more flexible, inclusive online and IRL community of feminists. We have a podcast, blog, events in Brisbane, and in March this year we launched our first magazine”. These ventures have been met with growing interest – “Issue #1 was a huge success. We had over 300 people come to the launch party. We have just kicked off a regular feminist + queer film night at Palace cinemas too, and we’re getting a good response to that… Brisbane has been so supportive, I’m stoked.”

As well as being the founder, Bri takes on the major responsibilities of running HCwBB on a day-to-day basis. ‘I am the Editor-in-Chief of our magazine and organise our events and everything too”. Bri works in photography, videography, and editing in addition to being a writer and entrepreneur. Bri credits the motivation behind this creativity to being inspired by others. “I interview successful women all the time and every one of them I meet motivates and inspires me in different ways. I’m lucky to have my work also be the thing that inspires me to do more work”.

Being amongst a community of creatives is one of the reasons Bri uses Visible Ink. “It feels good to be surrounded by other people doing cool things as well…I like that I can work and create there without someone looking over my shoulder. There’s a chill vibe and a nice level of trust. I just rock up and get on with things.” The negative? ” It’s open at weird hours. And not open enough.”