Black Fox Theatre Auditions

black fox theatre

For the first time in three years, the Black Fox is recruiting.

Since the Brisbane cell of this pan-dimensional team of masked vigilantes was founded they have killed Sebastian of Messaline in an empty swimming pool, turned a cobbler into the worlds greatest tyrant, built a cage in the basement of a heritage listed building (and set off the fire alarm), blown an entire university’s power supply with a single coffee urn and had some very strange dreams.

Oh and in Anywherefest 2012, they converted Star Wars: A New Hope into iambic pentameter and performed it as a Shakespearean history play.

But now it’s time for some new blood.

Black Fox Theatre is not your average theatre company. They exist to challenge the false belief that there is nothing interesting to do in Brisbane, and that the cultural depth and art of a city is something that can be measured, budgeted or cut. They don’t simply defy convention. They pick fights.

They have never performed in a theatre. If they ever did, it would be something to see.

Interested actors, artists, masters of arcane mysteries and blades for hire, please send resumes to and have prepared one 2-5 minute classical monologue (tragic or comedic, if there is indeed a difference) to be performed at a secret location on Saturday the 9th and/or Sunday the 10th of March. Applicants may also be asked to perform a cold read.

We are responsible for the culture of our city, and the quality of its art.

It’s time to make Brisbane a more interesting place.

*Original Core Ensemble members (2010 era) are exempt from auditioning and need merely contact the White Rabbit at their earliest convenience.*

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