Useful Links

Have a look at some of these great services, organisations and resources for young people in Brisbane.

- My Community Directory is a searchable database of all the community organisations in Brisbane.

- Libraries, an online youth library website and community halls

- Resources through the Visible Ink Spaces such as data projectors, video cameras, sound recording equipment etc.

- Sport and Recreational programs such as Chillout, Black Diamonds, Gold ‘n Kids, Real Women

- Pools and sporting facilities as well as skateparks, malls and parks

- Support for migrants and refugees

- LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer or Questioning) Youth Support Service Open Doors

- Indigenous Programs such as Stylin Up

- Opportunities to have a say about how Brisbane grows through Neighbourhood Planning and Your Say

- Grants for projects in community development, arts, culture and sport and recreation

- Employment programs to get young people employed in Council

- Leadership programs such as the Asia Pacific Cities Summit

- Support from Council staff such as tutoring services for students

- Educational resources

- Public transport including buses and water taxis (citycats)

- Services for people with a disability

- Safety tips and workshops

- City entertainment programs with opportunities for young people to perform live.

- 12 Police Facts You Need To Know on the YAC Website.


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