The Resilience Partnership

The Resilience Partnership

One in four young people 16-24 years (26%) have a diagnosed mental disorder in any given year, which is a higher rate than for any other age group in Australia. Moreover, it has been estimated that 75% of adult mental illness (and related substance use) have their onset by the age of 25.

Our Aim: To actively support Brisbane’s young people to experience good mental health, cope with life, contribute in meaningful ways and connect with people who care about their well-being.

About the Partnership:
The Resilience Partnership is a collaborative project between Brisbane City Council and Queensland Health’s Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS).

Together, Brisbane City Council and CYMHS are committed to:
• Supporting youth-led and community based initiatives that improve the physical fitness, mental health, nutrition and emotional well-being of Brisbane’s young people
• Building resilience and connectedness for young people who access Council programs
• Supporting the clients of CYMHS to more readily access Council’s youth programs and facilities
• Training front-line Council staff (and youth workers in other government and community organisations) in youth mental health first-aid, health promotion, illness prevention and referral pathways for early intervention, and
• Training and supporting young people themselves to implement peer-to-peer prevention and promotion projects.

For more information on the project, or to get involved, please call Libby Butler on 3407 0153 (Wed – Fri), or have a chat to our friendly Visible Ink Space staff!