Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council

What is Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (LMYAC)?

Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Meeting 2015

Each year, all Brisbane high schools are invited to each nominate one Year 10 student to represent their school on the Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (LMYAC).

LMYAC aims to develop young people as leaders, and is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for young people in Brisbane to participate in decision-making at the local and citywide level.

This is done by students identifying issues and engaging with each other in a public forum, where they are encouraged to provide feedback and give their opinion about Council policies, local laws, services and programs that effect young people.

The young people are also encouraged to work with their peers to generate and share ideas regarding initiatives that fulfill the environmental, social, creative and economic aspirations of young people in Brisbane.

Meeting Format

Four LMYAC meetings are held throughout the year (one held every term, during school hours for 3 hours). Meetings are chaired by the Lord Mayor and discussions facilitated by the Youth Team in Council. Young people are given the opportunity to provide input and share their ideas on 3 – 4 Council initiatives during the workshop component of each meeting.
LMYAC delegates act as representatives from their school and community, and are a voice for raising issues or sharing ideas that affect young people in Brisbane.
There is also an Induction Workshop held prior to the first official LMYAC meeting, which enables students to meet Council officers and fellow LMYAC students in a more casual environment.

Past Achievements

Highlight of the achievements of recent LMYAC, include:

  • Identifying issues and challenges faced by young people to ensure Council’s programs and initiatives truly address young people’s needs and aspirations;
  • Provided advice on transforming Councils facilities, such as parks, Environmental Centres and libraries to become more attractive to young people.
  • Developed the concept of ibrary – an online Library website, dedicated for highschool students.www.ibrary.com.au
  • Inspired Fandom Haven events run in the libraries
  • Exploring innovative and creative solutions in addressing local issues, such as development of Youth Markets, Youth Concerts, and Youth Multicultural Festivals;
  • participating in a Project Planning and Development workshop to learn and understand the concept and skills involved in developing a project;
  • Participate in workshop to develop ideas which supports and implement Council’s Creative Brisbane Creative Economy Strategy
  • providing valuable input in identifying the pathways and direction of Brisbane to be a New World City;
  • Provided valuable input in developing the Strategy for Young People 2014 – 2019 to ensure that the content truly addressed the young people’s issues, needs and aspirations.
  • Discussed and shared ideas on Draft Brisbane Access and Inclusion Plan, which aimed to demonstrate Council’s commitment to achieving equitable access and inclusion for people of all abilities.
  • Provided contribution in The City Centre Master Plan Ideas Fiesta and explored the future of their city centre
  • Volunteering at Council events, such as Youth Week,  Homeless Connect, WelcomeFest and NAIDOC celebration at the Murri School;
  • Participated in civic events, such as Tree Planting Ceremony to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen (2012); 100+ Club High Tea to celebrate the contributions of Brisbane’s centenarians; and Australian National Flag Day Ceremony.
  • Participating in opportunities such as running a donation drive in the school;
  • Consulted with Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, Shea Spierings.
  • Consulted with an Australian Youth Delegates to the Youth Summit 20 (Y20) on one of Y20’s the key themes – youth employment.
  • Provided innovative ideas and solution in improving Council’s engagement with young people, especially in regards to the usage of social media.
  • Planed and developed Skate workshops for younger children at Ferny Grove Skate Park
  • Visioning of Brisbane in 2031;

Members have also developed their leadership skills and applied such skills with Council’s support in:

  • Initiating a wide range of projects and programs in their school communities.
  • Designing and participating in Brisbane-wide youth events and programs.
  • Making positive differences in their community by fund raising and volunteering.

Other Activities

LMYAC students have the opportunity to participate in civic events, directly invited by the Lord Mayor. They are also encouraged to participate and volunteer at Council events as a LMYAC group throughout the year.  Below are some activities and events LMYAC student participated.

NAIDOC Event at the Murri School

  • Volunteered on the day to provide activities for children and young people.

World Refugee Day Community Festiva

  • Planning and delivering a Youth Zone with young people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.
  • Volunteered throughout the day.

Australian National Flag Day

  • Attended the Australian National Flag Day Ceremony in King George Square to celebrate the first time the flag was flown on 3 September 1901.

Brisbane West Cultural Expo

Brisbane City Photo Tour

Homeless Connect

  • Donation Drive at schools.
  • Volunteered at Homeless Connect event at RNA Showgrounds, providing safe and fun activities for children and young people.
  • http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/community/community-support/housing-and-homelessness/homeless-connect-services/index.htm

LMYAC School Tours

  • Students visited another school in their local area to promote LMAYC to year 9 students at school assembly.

National Young Leaders Day

  • Participated in Halogen Foundation’s National Young Leaders Day with young leaders from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island backgrounds.

100+ Club Morning Tea

  • Attended the exclusive 100+ Club Morning tea to share and learn from the inspirational experiences of centenarians. (The 100+ Club is a club exclusively for people who have reached the age of 100 years.)

 Students’ Testimonials

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of LMYAC. It has inspired me to take further action in my school and community.
Anonymous on LMYAC 2014

I gained useful experience interacting and working with other people. I also gained new interest and motivation in my community and in making a contribution
Phoebe on LMYAC 2014

I had a wonderful time at the World Refugee Day Festival on Sunday. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all different countries and to experience many different cultures.
Thanks :)
Laura on World Refugee Day Community Festival 2014

Thank you so much for the opportunity I really enjoyed it and I learnt so much from the wisdom and perseverance of these wonderful men and women. The amount of change and hard times they have lived through gave all of us a little more appreciation for the monumental events in human history that have occurred in their lifetimes!!
Angela on 100+ Club Morning Tea

Homeless Connect on Wednesday 20 May 2015, was one of the most eye opening days of my life. As I was born and raised in Melbourne, I hadn’t yet seen much of Brisbane.  To be involved in such a big and joyful occasion was so moving to me because for once, I had started to feel settled into Brisbane and to be doing something for a good cause, just made me feel that little much better about myself.
Isabel on  Homeless Connect

It was so amazing to experience the festival’s atmosphere and see the amount of pride everyone had for our Aboriginal and Islander heritage. It was really interesting to see the different elements of their culture, especially because my school (Somerville House) is so different to a school like the Murri School. I particularly loved the badge making activity as everyone was able to be unique with their design – you would be surprised how much you can learn about another person during the badge making process. Thank you very much for organising our involvement in such a fun day!
Nia on NAIDOC Event

I definitely loved the day. I now see being a leader in a much different light. I have learnt soooo much more than what I have in a year from school. ……….I had an amazing day with my LMYAC friends and I learnt a whole lot about being a leader and what kind of one I would like to be.
Nadia on National Young Leaders Day

I am very glad that I was part of LMYAC. It has been a very valuable experience and enjoyable one. It was exciting to think of ideas and know that the Council could possibly implement the. I will miss these meetings!
Skender on LMYAC 2013

LMYAC is an excellent opportunity to learn about your community and Brisbane. It challenges you to speak up and also provides a lot of activities to participate in, be as involved as possible and don’t be afraid to put your opinion out there! Make the most of LMYAC; it is an extremely fun and rewarding program to be involved in.
Message to future LMYAC student – Hannah