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Youth Week is almost here! 4-17 April

Celebrate being young in Brisbane!

Get involved in Youth Week from 4-17 April. This annual celebration provides opportunities for young people to share ideas, have their voices heard on issues of concern to them, attend live events and celebrate their contribution to the community.

For more events during Youth Week including QUBE effect, see the What’s On listing.


Youth Week Art Exhibtion 15 April

Come along to this one day event and see all of the art that has been created at visible ink over Brisbane Youth Week 2016! Featuring hand painted skate boards from our deck day workshop and the mighty sticker wall collage! 10 am – 5pm

Pop Up Studio 15 April

Get your photo taken by a primo photographer by yourself or with your crew. All in our pop up studio, including the magic of a green screen! Right here at Visible Ink. Have your say in an interview for our online profiles. contact us at Visink if you are interested. From 12-3pm

Build a Business in 7 days 12 April

The workshop will consist of a 2-3 hour session, which will cover the essentials in planning, executing and marketing a new online project within days of the idea launch . Hosted by Visible Ink tenants WEB3

Panel Discussion 7 April

Got an idea? Attend this panel discussion on how to make a campaign and get advice from young people who have been through the process themselves. Questions encouraged!
From 2:30 – 4pm

Self Defense Workshop 4 April

A safety workshop for over 15’s to increase confidence and knowledge to be safe on the streets. This is the chance to take control and learn how to respond to a hairy situation under pressure. The hands on self defense session is high energy class to improve confidence, co-ordination , strength and fitness. It will run through kicking, striking and other self defense skills in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Photobooth 4-8 April

Play with props at the Visible Ink Photobooth! Dress up your phone and school books with photo strips of you and your friends.  Free at Visible Ink from 4th – 8th April from 9am – 5pm.

Zine-making Workshop 8 & 9 April

The workshop will run across two sessions: one being an overview of zines and a brief introduction to making one (8 April 5.30pm-8pm), and the other will be a more hands on style and involve the creation of a zine of your own as well as a celebration of Zine culture with talks, performances and more (9 April 12pm-5pm)!

Clay Day 6 April

On this day you can create an air dry clay sculpture! Attendees are invited to return later throughout Youth Week to paint their dried sculptures. All resources provided. This event will take place in the Visible Ink Arts Hub and run throughout the day between 9am and 5pm.

Monsterama 2000 5 April

A pop up cinema event featuring three vintage horror films for young people aged 12-25. Hosted in
the Visible Ink Youth Space this event runs from 2pm to 8pm. Audience members welcome to stay for one film or the entire marathon. Food and beverages provided throughout the event in the form of pizza and brownies.