Our new equipment has arrived!

Don’t you just love it when you check the mail and a package has arrived…

new equipment

We’ve got some new equipment and resources in the space for you to use. We’re really excited to be offering projectors, laptops, lighting, portable sound systems and first aid kits for your events!

Email us with any questions: visibleinkvalley@brisbane.qld.gov.au

Visible Ink Valley

Do you know about Creative Spaces?

Creative Spaces is a national web portal designed for Arts and creative practitioners. It features listings of organisations, institutions, government and privates spaces and the Brisbane City Council is delighted to be a sponsor to this fantastic resource.

creative spaces visible ink

You can find artist studio spaces, photography studios, gallery and exhibition space, co-working space, hot desks, rehearsal and performance space, pop-up shops, rooftops, cinemas, theatres and non-traditional spaces to hire, lease, rent, share or to occupy for a short period of time.

It’s also free to list spaces, so if you are running a collective space and want creative people to know about it, this great resource may be the perfect avenue.


Garage Sale Trail

Date: Saturday 25th October
Location: Various locations throughout Brisbane, including BCC tip shops.

The national Garage Sale Trail is on 25 October, it’s time to plan your treasure trail or register your own garage sale.

Council’s tip shops are registered as the biggest garage sales in Brisbane and the 2014 Recycling Art Competition finalists will be using the trail in search of treasures.

For more information, visit the Garage Sale Trail portal on the Brisbane City Council website, or to find out about other registered venues check out garagesaletrail.com.au

garage sale trail

How Is Australia Feeling?

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Young people are one of the most at risk groups in Australia for depression and suicide. As an initiative for mental health week, Spur Projects (a not-for-profit group, made up of some of our past tenants here at Visible Ink) asks the question ‘How Is Australia Feeling?

This project is about collecting (anonymous) real-time data on how people are feeling, and letting them compare their emotions to Australia as a whole. It is about promoting awareness and conversation around mental health issues within Australia, and engaging Australians through the use of a free mobile app, called ‘How Is Australia Feeling?’.

“Over one million Australians have depression and two million have anxiety. We need to change the conversation about mental health in this country and we think being more aware and open with how we’re feeling is a great first step.”

This project is aiming for at least 50,000 Australians to take part in the project, so please help spread the love…





Hock Chong Wushu Centre

How did you hear about Visible Ink and why did you want to use our space?
We have always visited Visible Ink as our music training space.

What are you currently working on project-wise?
We are a small group of people interested in Chinese martial arts and cultural performance. We train twice a week usually including fitness, Chinese kungfu and lion dance.

What do you do, why did you choose to go down that path, and what do you love about it?
We are just passionate about being fit and healthy. We love martial arts culture and Chinese traditions.

How would you suggest young people get involved in this opportunity? Or opportunities like this in Brisbane?
We are training at Visible Ink, everyone is welcome to come along and train with us if you are interested in Chinese martial arts.

For general inquiries:
Cathy: 0451 698 885
Check out the Hong Chock Wushu youtube channel: youtube.com/user/hockchong108

Young People Defining Brisbane

Thrive By The Bay

Date: Wednesday, 8th October
Time: 10:30AM – 1:30PM
Location: Bandstand Park – Wynnum Foreshore

Mental Health Week raises community awareness about mental health issues and is held in October each year. The aim of Mental Health Week is to promote social and emotional wellbeing to the community, encouraging people to maximise their health potential, enhancing the coping capacity of communities, families, individuals and increasing mental health recovery.

Thrive by the Bay will provide community info stalls, entertainment, free food, interactive games and activities for the whole community to enjoy and participate in! So come and join us and connect with you community.. Let’s all ‘Make a Move towards better Mental Health’.


Sanity Fair

Date: Saturday 11th, October
Time: 10AM – 3PM
Location: Musgrave Park, South Brisbane
Cost: FREE!
More Informationfacebook.com/SanityFairQLD

The purpose of having the Sanity Fair is to support wellness, raise awareness and address stigma around mental health in the community. As nearly half Australians experience signs and symptoms of any form of mental health distress so it is important for people to feel OK even just to talk about it and to share their experience. We expect that people can experience a number of different opportunities to connect and link in with their local community as part of the day with lots of fun activities.

sanity fair



180 Studios Community Open Day

Date: Friday, 26th September
Time: 10AM – 3PM
Location: 180 South Pine Rd, Enoggera
Cost: Free!
More Informationwww.180studios.com.au / info@180studios.com.au

Long time friends of Visible Ink, 180 Studios, are having a Community Open Day. Come check out this inspiring creative space based in Enoggera, as 180 Studios celebrates a day of free workshops, performances, an open-mic session, basketball jam, great food and drinks and a bunch of good vibes.

180 Studios Community Open Day

This is free event, open to all members of the community.



Dates: Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd September
Time: 7PM – 9PM
Location: Jugglers Art Space, 103 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.
Cost: FREE!

Terra Nemo Theatre Company‘s ambitious new production Witchery, is running for two nights only in a special free performance. Directed by Diveakssh Schae and Gwilym Temple, Witchery continues Terra Nemo’s exciting and experimental approach to theatre production.

Witchery follows the trials and tribulations of a series of characters as we ask ourselves what absurd extremes we’ll go to in order to ‘succeed’ in a world hungry for stardom and selfies. Thrown into ‘Pulse’, a dark, industrial club within the depths of the Valley, the club’s owner Damon and a group of other aspiring professionals, social deviants and young party animals find their paths tangled by a publicity stunt gone awry.


Terra Nemo Theatre Company

No strangers to Visible Ink, members of Terra Nemo Theatre Company have had an active involvement with the space through past projects. “Visible Ink is not only a central venue for young artists to use but also has such fantastic experienced and friendly staff, plus lots of other creatives coming in and out to network, it’s what made it our first choice to rehearse ‘Witchery.’ There is such a welcoming vibe and you’re always made to feel at home.”

‘Witchery’ rehearsals (August 2014), photography by Anissa Roberts, featuring Gwilym Temple, Nicholas Prior, Hayley Mcallister, Alex Carlton-Thomas and members of the ensemble.

‘Witchery’ rehearsals (August 2014), photography by Anissa Roberts, featuring Gwilym
Temple, Nicholas Prior, Hayley Mcallister, Alex Carlton-Thomas and members of the

The group have been working hard developing and rehearsing their ambitious new production, their biggest to date, bringing in over twenty artists from around Brisbane including actors, directors, designers and choreographers. “We’ll be converting our venue into a fully functioning nightclub called ‘Pulse’, inviting the audience to not simply watch but involve themselves as a variety of story lines play out.” We’ve been assured that while a full functioning bar will be present in their new production, it’s still an all-ages gig, and it seems they should know a thing or two about nightclubs, Divi, one of the Terra Nemo directors is also a DJ.

The Terra Nemo crew is made up entirely of young, emerging artists, and they take a fresh outlook on theatre production, “our aim it is to create exciting new theatrical works, where everyone can collaborate and experiment with their own ideas, taking on risks and challenges.” The experimental approach doesn’t stop at the creative product, they even take on new models for creative economies, “because artist development is our focus, we don’t put a price on our tickets but offer our audiences the option to donate what they feel their experience ‘was worth, if at all’ after the performance, and use any funds that we do receive to make our future shows even more exciting”. This in itself becomes an important feedback mechanism to reflect and help their members grow professionally.

“We created the company to provide young artists something different to involve themselves with, an independent company where they can not only perform under direction but experiment with others roles, network with like-minded people and create something that they can call their own. We want to encourage young adults from in and around Brisbane who may be new to theatre to come and give it a try, to open a forum for discussion and to see the level of professionalism their peers can achieve when they have the opportunity to do so. Being able to produce a full-scale work from scratch, with minimal funding, that you can call your own is a really rewarding experience. It’s even better when you get to do it with friends, both old and new.”

‘Crystal Blue Sky’ (April 2014), photography by Daniel B. Jauwhannes, featuring Bella Bosscher, Alex Carlton-Thomas and Eleni Pergaris

‘Crystal Blue Sky’ (April 2014), photography by Daniel B. Jauwhannes, featuring Bella
Bosscher, Alex Carlton-Thomas and Eleni Pergaris

Encouraging people from all creative disciplines is an important focus of the group, “we want to try smashing them all together to create performances that was really interesting”, and this multi-disciplinary approach also carries through to their down-time,  “usually if someone isn’t learning lines or designing costumes then you’ll find them doing something like writing music or painting!” And this perpetual activity may be the secret to their enthusiasm and success, keeping things fresh and exciting. On creative pursuits, Terra Nemo offer this advice:

“The best thing you can do is just take the dive. If you have an idea that you really believe is worth pursuing, start researching how to do it. Get the wheels in motion. If you’re unsure, talk to someone. Get your friends involved. Come to somewhere like Visible Ink. There really is no one stopping you but yourself!”

 You can catch Terra Nemo Theatre Company‘s latest production, ‘Witchery‘ at Jugglers Art Space, on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd September. They will also be announcing their 2015 program towards the end of the year.

More Informationfacebook.com/terranemotheatre
Contact directly: terra.nemo.theatre.company@gmail.com

Young People Defining Brisbane