Location: The Jutith Wright Centre
Date: Monday 27 July 2015 – 8.30am to 3.30pm
Cost: $38.50
Full Info: QMusic website
LittleBIGSOUND A6 Postcard

An offshoot of BIGSOUND, QMusic presents Little BIGSOUND which is a one-day forum for young people aged 15 – 25 looking to break into the music industry.

Little BIGSOUND is focused on building skills, and providing information specifically targeted at young people and offers not only a series of break-out panel sessions featuring established young music industry professionals, but is also a way for attendees to form connections and develop professional relationships.

Featuring speakers across the field of sonic arts, covering important topics such as creating, marketing, recording, gigging and making it all financially sustainable, as well as providing a unique networking opportunity. Little BIGSOUND is an exciting forum for young creatives who want to build a career doing the stuff that they love.

Find the full days program here.


Zine Fun w/The Mosaics & Shep Dooley

Date: Saturday, 18th April
Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Workshop: 2-4pm
Bands from 4:30pm
Location: Visible Ink, Valley

Wanna learn how to make a zine? Wanna know where you can do free photocopying and printing? Wanna see some cool bands!!?



Come on down to Visible Ink Valley to join the free all ages zine workshop!

Editor of Slubberdegullion magazine, Alex Cambolvitch, will facilitate the workshop which is just one of the many events held at Visible Ink as part of Youth Week.

The workshop will be followed by some light refreshments and live music from two local bands – Shep Dooley and The Mosaics

Come check out the zine library and all the other free cool things Visible Ink has to offer! :)


One Woman Project seeks your ideas for feature articles.

The One Woman Projects’ online Tumblr and website blog are currently on the lookout for some incredible blog entries about issues of gender.

One Woman Project accept interviews, short stories, opinion pieces, feature articles, videos, soundbites, podcasts – all forms of media – about any issue of gender equality, gender inequality, women’s rights, human rights, individuals promoting causes, advocacy, campaigns and much, much more. Additionally, there is no minimum or maximum word length.

One Woman Project are currently appealing to supportive partners for any pieces of media they would like to see published to our online communities. This could be as little as a short piece promoting an upcoming campaign you are hosting, an infographic about the work you do, a feature article on your predominant issue of gender, or a bio about an inspirational person in your organisation!

One Woman Project would love to feature and promote your causes, issues and campaigns as much as you do for us!

You can read the current blog here:

One Woman Project are current tenants at Visible Ink as part of the Youth Enterprise Program.




Neko DC

Neko DC are a casual dance crew that aim to have fun and share their passion for dance. Off the back of their first performance at the BrisAsia Festival this dynamic group answered a few questions about getting involved in dance, hanging out and following their dreams.
What does Neko DC do and what do you love about it?
We are a casual entertainment group that makes various videos on YouTube and occasionally perform live. We offer dance and reaction videos, vlogs and many more fun videos. We aim to spread our passion for dance and music and hopefully get Brisbane more recognition. We mainly showcase K-Pop but we will be working on some J-Pop and hip hop covers! We really wish to cover a lot.

What are you currently working on project-wise?
We just successfully completed our first performance for BrisAsia Festival, Taste of Asia and started making YouTube videos. We are now focusing on more video projects such as dance covers and hopefully a few more performances in the future!
How did Neko DC hear about Visible Ink?
Our members are a part of various dance groups around Brisbane that has always come to Vis Ink for space. Visible Ink provides a great happy and safe environment that we absolutely love. The meeting room is a great place for us to hold meetings and to record our videos and the rehearsal space is a really great help for our dance covers and performance preparations! Apart from that, Vis Ink has a nice kitchen and living area that we can relax in.

Speaking of relaxing, what does Neko DC get up to in your down time?
Hmm~ does karaoke and eating out count? We love to eat. When we have the chance we will eat and go to karaoke. One of our members, E, loves karaoke so we always go! Everyone loves food, so eating food always make us happy.
face pro
What would you say led you to where you are today?
Having a great number of people supporting us and being surrounded by great friends really makes us work harder to achieve great goals. We hope one day we can travel together and hold dance workshops, meet and greet our amazing supporters. We have so many big dreams that wish to accomplish. We’ve only been together for about 2 months now and we feel like we’ve achieved so much and we’re very thankful.

Is there any advice Neko DC would give young people wanting to get involved?
For those who want to create videos, dance or have something you wish to start but are afraid, don’t be. Just start it straight away, if you want to do it with a friend, then grab a friend. If you made a video or want to do a dance cover, record it and upload it straight away. Getting your work out is one of the best feelings! Of course you won’t be recognised straight away but you will slowly and it’s great. We honestly felt that our channel wouldn’t have done well if it wasn’t for the support from our friends and family. Having support is really helpful. We know you can do it! Be positive and just start.

How would you suggest young people get involved with Neko DC or any group in Brisbane?
Find a group or start searching for opportunities. If you see an opportunity advertised for performance or something that you know you have skills in, take it! Always try so you won’t end up regretting it. VisInk is really helpful when it comes to opportunities but it’s good to search around as well.
If you’ve read this, we hope we’ve inspired you start what you love to do or at least have given a good read. We’re very thankful for having VisInk and we hope you can continue to support them and us! If you would like to get to know us a bit more, then please visit our social media sites below.


Young People Defining Brisbane

Mantist Oryem

Mantist Oryem is an African-Australian producer, hip hop and spoken-word artist who has been utilising the Visible Ink space since 2007. Mantist uses music to express his reality, entertain people and to inspire.
Tell us a little about yourself, what you do and what you love about it?
As an African Australian producer, hip hop and spoken word artist, music started for me as a tool to get what is inside out in a more positive way. I love music in a way that it gives me freedom to express myself. It’s like a therapy for me; a true source of happiness and a feeling that I can only get from listening and doing it. Now I create music to entertain and inspire other people for the best.

What would you say led you to where you are today?
My first dream was to become a doctor. I was always scoring high grade in science and I love every science classes I’ve been at. I used to collect insects and scientifically name them. However my music journey started through a series of workshops with completely no musical background. After a while, I became so attached to it that I’ve decided to abandoned my science career and pursue a career in music.

After two years of workshops and being self-taught many aspects of the industry, I was able to write my first EP album which was recorded and distributed by the end of 2009, “Out Of Poverty Into The Glory”. It was very successful and provided me with opportunities to perform consistently throughout Brisbane in clubs, pubs, parties and celebrated festivals in Brisbane such as Brisbane Festival, Zillmere Festival, World Refugee Day Festival, etc. I have also been fortunate enough to receive media and editorial coverage from The Courier Mail, MX, Scene magazine and radio stations as well as 4ZZZ having played my music and conducting interviews with me.
Mantist-BoloWhat are you currently working on project-wise?
Currently I’m promoting dual songs that I have just release title “Hello Mama” which is a dedication to my mum and all the other mothers. The new release song is now live and selling online at the entire major online selling platform such as ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc. The goal is to reach 10,000 digital sell of the Hello Mama’s song by the end of July.

How did you hear about Visible Ink?
I have been an active participant in many Visible Ink programs over the years. Visible Ink sponsored my first professional photo shoot with Lightbox Studio. Visible Ink also funded me to participate in the QMusic program call Music Action Planning Project. I was also mentor by local MC and DJ Nick Grace in song writing and recording. Over the past year, I have also been using the Visible Ink space to develop, rehearse and perfect my art.

What do you get up to in your down time?
I enjoy physical activities such as going for a hardcore workout 3 to 4 days a week. I also play street basketball and enjoy taking a long weekend drive as a bit of an adventure in the countryside. And off course all of those activities involve me listening to some form of music.

Is there any advice about getting into the music industry you wish you’d been given beforehand?
Take a serious and conscious look into your life and ask yourself, how do you really want to live? Keep in mind that you’re capable of doing anything you really want to do. At this point do not concern yourself with “how to do it”. The purpose of this question is to identify what you’re really passionate about. Once you identify what you’re passionate about, the how is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow the success system in your field. I follow this formula:

  1. Inspiration to action – which is finding a passion that will fuel you to take action because you want to not because someone is telling you to,
  2. Know how – gain any knowledge you can get in your field (remembering that, the system works if you work the system),
  3. Make it happen – put all your knowledge, skills and techniques together to create your goals.

How would you suggest young people get involved in this opportunity?
There are many opportunities and support in Brisbane. All you have to do is seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given to you. Knock and the door will be open. Remember, you will become what you think about. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. I should also point out that, the only limitation you have is the one you set in your own mind or you let other people set for you.

Where can people get in touch with you?
For exclusive videos, albums, downloads and connecting with me on my social media, visit

Young People Defining Brisbane

Audax Industria Ensemble

Audax Industria Ensemble are partnering with Visible Ink throughout 2015 to build their company as well as rehearse for their upcoming show Rumination. After launching in February the ensemble have been working hard to create, develop and devise an innovative space for performance. Hannah and David sat down and gave us a little insight into their vision for Audax Industria Ensemble.

What are you currently working on project-wise?
We are currently working on our inaugural production “Rumination” which is written by Spenser Wallace, directed by David Charmley and choreographed by Hannah Farrelly.

What does Audax Industria Ensemble do and what do you love about it?
The focus of the ensemble is first and foremost with the creation and exploitation of productions in the Brisbane theatre industry. The objective of the ensemble is to collaborate and create innovative, contemporary theatre with a strong focus on multidiscipline art forms. The secondary focus of the ensemble is to share our knowledge and support emerging artists through intensive and weekly training programs, focusing on ensemble collaboration, creative skills and hybrid performance skills.
The reason we have chosen this path is because we are passionate about creating and facilitating theatre, and we have a clear vision for unique and innovative theatre. We are fortunate to have a highly skilled team to work with, who drive us closer to our goal.

IMG_2818 (2)

How did you hear about Visible Ink?
We first heard about Visible Ink through Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, where we have worked as performers and teaching artists. In our experience, we have always been impressed with the facilitators, resources and space provided at Visible Ink.

How would you suggest young people get involved with Audax Industria Ensemble?
We encourage emerging artists to get involved with our ensemble! We are always seeking new and passionate artists to work with – performers, directors, writers, composers, arts administrators, dramaturges, stage managers, designers, and technical artists.

Audax Industria Ensemble’s Top Ten Tips for getting involved:
1. Be bold
2. Have energy
3. Always have fun
4. Explore
5. Work with integrity
6. Keep vitalised
7. Show leadership
8. Be professional
9. Don’t stop learning
10. Network!


Where can people get in touch with you?
Instagram: @audax_industria_ensemble
Twitter: @audax_industria

Young People Defining Brisbane

Terra Nemo Theatre Company launches their 2015 season!

Date: Friday 13th February
Time: 7 – 9:30PM
Location: La Boite Rehearsal Room, 5-8 Musk Ave, Kelving Grove

Terra Nemo are very excited to begin 2015 with a bang, with the launch of their new season. No strangers to Visible Ink, they’ve spent a great deal of time here, getting their creative juices flowing, ironing out the kinks and having a great time doing so.

Come along and celebrate the new season of orginal and engaging theatrical work.

More details at:


Shoot your own perfect promo pics!

Stay tuned for updates…
Date: Saturday, 21st February
Time: 1-4PM
Cost: FREE
Venue: Visible Ink, Fortitude Valley
Ages: 12-25
Bookings: / 3403 0136

Visible Ink presents this free workshop, combining basic techniques of SLR photography, lighting, graphic design and photo editing to help you create the perfect shot to help profile yourself, your work or your crew in print and on the web.

promo pic workshop_web

Somnia – Call out for actors

When: Tuesday, 6th January, 10am-12pm / Wednesday, 7th January, 3-5:30pm.
Age Range: 16+
Location: Visible Ink, Valley
Contact: Krystal Russell

“This world is filled with hypocrites; treat others the way you wish you were treated is nothing but words of a lie.”

Somnia is a new and exciting show that will be performed in Anywhere Theatre Festival 2015 and we are looking for actors to join the team.

Somnia is a show that tackles the topic of bullying head on forcing the audience to face the choices they have made towards others and themselves and what they truly mean. We will explore the taboo, un talked about and the un savoury effects that bullying has on people.

Due to the nature of this show we are looking for actors who are willing and comfortable to open themselves emotionally and willing be able to share that with the audience.

If this sounds like your cup of tea feel free to come along and learn more or even audition to join our team!



Aliandra Calabrese

Aliandra Calabrese and the Visible Ink space crossed paths as part of Youth Performing Arts Queensland (YPAQ), a not for profit theatre company which aims to bring young people together to embrace their creativity and help foster creative communities in Brisbane. At the time she was looking for the perfect venue to hold workshops and came across our space.

It was as a member of this vibrant community that Aliandra discovered that the opportunities available to her were not necessarily available to all young people,  “I have been fortunate to have good health, a loving family and supportive friends and not all young people have had the same opportunities as me. I love to sing and hang out with my friends and I think that young people living with a disability in an aged care home miss out on a lot. Hardly any of them go out or have friends visit them.”

As someone who has benefited from the skills and friendships formed as part of an active and creative community, Aliandra has taken great interest in making sure that other young people don’t miss out, and many of these opportunities begin at home,  “I discovered that there is limited appropriate housing for young people living with a disability who need 24/7 care, so many of them must be placed in aged care homes where the average age is 80 yrs. This is so hard for them, young people need to live young lives surrounded by people their own age not people who are near the end of their lives”.

Which is how she came across the work of Youngcare, an organisation which aims to raise awareness of the difficulties many young people with disabilities face, as well as developing strategies to create a more supporting environment into the future. Encouraged by their aim to help meet the long-term housing needs of young people living with a disability, Aliandro set about raising awareness for the organisation in combination with her love of music.

Together with friends, Regan Samuels and AJ Hawkins, the group have created a remix of an old song called California Dreaming to help get the message out:

She says of getting involved with issues you’re passionate about, “If you see an issue and think you can help give it a go. It doesn’t have to be a great thing because even a small thing done with real heart can help to enrich another person’s life”, and she encourages others to have a go… “If you have a brilliant idea to help raise awareness get onto Youngcare and get their advice and support. Hold a dog-wash afternoon, or car-washing morning and donate the proceeds to the organisation to help them build appropriate housing. Or you can make a donation online.”

You can catch Aliandro and her crew perform with YPAQ, and keep an eye out for more of their videos over at their youtube channel.

For more information about the work of both organisations YPAQ and Youngcare, see their respective websites:
Young People Defining Brisbane